Basic Skin Care Routine

rejuvenating skin 101

 A basic skin routine includes three of the top anti-aging skin care treatments which have the most proven benefit in rejuvenating skin:

  • An Antioxidant: Preferably Vitamin C

  • A Vitamin A: Retinol with a .25 to 1% concentration

  • An Exfoliant: Glycolic Acid in a 8% to 10% strength
Anti-Aging Skin Care Routines

Integrating these three anti-aging treatments into a daily rejuvenating skin regime will have the greatest impact in effectively optimizing the results for the basic skin care routine in a simple, straightforward manner.

Remember that there isn't just one product that can cure all aging skin symptoms, (just as there isn't one medicine that can treat all medical problems), so it is important to experiment a bit to find the combination of the best anti-aging skin care treatments that work best for your particular skin type and aging symptoms.

Let's get started then. . .

Start your daily rejuvenating routine:




Washing the face not only removes impurities, oil and dirt from the skin, but removes dry and dead cells that collect on the surface of the skin allowing active ingredients to be efficiently and effectively absorbed through the skin.

Toners removes any remaining impurities after cleansing while working to close pores, tighten skin, and help hydrate by binding moisture to the skin as well as provides an opportunity to introduce an active anti-aging ingredient to restore skin health.

Anti-aging moisturizing treatments help improve damaged skin, protect skin from environmental and UV damage, and promotes cell regeneration to improve skin health.

Skinsational Tip:

Gradually introduce one or more of the following strategies to create a more comprehensive skin rejuvenation regimen:

If you feel like a bit of extra pampering or just want a little fun with some swirling action, try one of the home microdermabrasion spa kits, like a Home Microdermabrasion System which utilizes the same aluminum-oxide crystals that the professional spa treatments use.

Did you know?

The general rule of thumb is that only five home microdermabrasion treatments are the equivalent to one professional dermabrasion.

Once you have established a basic facial rejuvenation regimen, then start to slowly integrate the layering technique to expand your basic skin care routine into a more comprehensive strategy.

Here are some sample routines to help you get started:

Sample Skin Rejuvenation Regimens:
From the Basic to the Most Intensive

Your facial rejuvenation shopping  list. . .

If you need more help choosing the most effective anti-aging products so you can begin developing your own skin rejuvenation routine, then these shopping lists are tailor made for you.

Be sure to visit the skin care shop to view all anti-aging skin care treatments grouped in categories for specific aging skin conditions or by active facial rejuvenation ingredient.


Begin your basic skin care routine with a quick search for the best anti-aging products:

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