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Step by Step Skin Care
A Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation Regimen

Let the Magic Begin!

Step by Step Skin Care 4If you need a step by step guide for a complete and comprehensive facial rejuvenation regimen that will effectively target and treat every possible aging skin issue then look no further. . . this is it!

Step by Step Skin Care 1

There is no need for a crystal ball to see what the future will bring to your aging skin; more damage, more wrinkles, and more sagginess.

In response to our visitor requests the Skin Care Resource Center's instructor, Sue, shares her own facial rejuvenation regime. Following this step by step skin care routine will change the future for your skin in remarkable ways!

An effective anti-aging skin care routine requires just a few techniques and a commitment to stick with it
for several months.

You will NOT see results overnight!

It took decades for your skin to start showing the signs of aging and it will inevitably take at least a few months before you start to see improvements.

This step by step skin care regimen utilizes a selection of skin rejuvenation products that address a wide variety of specific aging skin symptoms such as wrinkles, age spots, dark circles and sagging skin.

The anti-aging facial treatments are then
layered on the skin.

Layering different products helps to effectively treat a wider range of aging issues by providing the skin with several different types of nutrients so that the skin cells can replenish what has been gradually depleted over time.

Perhaps one day there will a just one anti-aging skin care product that can do it all but until that auspicious day arrives a layering strategy is the most effective solution.

This step by step skin rejuvenation regimen may be a bit more time consuming but the results are well worth the effort.

The hallmark of effectively rejuvenating skin is selecting the active anti-aging ingredients that not only have been proven to be the most effective but are as potent possible. That essentially means that each facial rejuvenation product needs to have an appropriate yet effective concentration of the active anti-aging ingredient. . . not too much, not too little, but just the right amount.

~ Step by Step Skin Care ~

Step by Step Skin Care 3 Each Morning:

A comprehensive skin rejuvenation regimen begins every morning with a gentle face steam which can be accomplished by showering or holding a warm face cloth up to your skin for a few minutes.

Gently cleanse the skin using an upward sweeping motion of the face cloth or small sea sponge.

This technique cleanses, opens the pores and prepares the skin to be receptive to the anti-aging treatments.

Using a cotton ball or cosmetic cotton pad apply Avalon's Co-Q10 Toner in an upwards sweeping motion over the entire surface of the face and neck. Co-Q10 is an antioxidant which helps to repair and protect the skin.

Next apply Jason's Super K Creme Plus by dabbing a small pea size amount around the eyes for the dark puffy circles.

Spot treat age spots, wrinkled and sun damaged areas with Afirm 3x a very strong OTC retinol treatment.

It is helpful to wait a few minutes while this treatment absorbs into the skin before proceeding to the final morning step but not completely necessary.

Finally apply your moisturizer, Neova Therapy Creme de la Copper in an upwards sweeping motion. Copper peptides are a powerful antioxidant which heal and protect the skin in addition of processing firming qualities as well.

At intervals throughout the day, apply RoC Retinol SPF 15, a skin rejuvenating sunscreen. If out in direct sunlight for an extended time such as sunbathing, be sure to use a strong Sun BLOCK, applying every two to three hours.

Hope You Like It!

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