How to create a website

how I built a website and turned it into a successful online business

This is a riveting tale of bumbling my way into building a dream come true, one web page and one blog post at a time.

Do you happen to like going to work in your pajamas?


I sure do!

Is this one of those "Rags to Riches" story?

Well, kind of.

It depends on your definition of "rags" and your definition of "riches".  My riches piled up rather quickly:

  • Loving my work
  • Earning extra income
  • Being my own boss
  • Making my own hours
  • Working in my pajamas
  • Being able to take my work anywhere and anytime I want to

My inadvertent adventure all started with an ever-so innocent click on a link in the footer section of a website I was exploring that said something like, "Powered by Solo-Build-It". 

You see, I had been curious for quite some time about how to create a website.  It seemed to me that building a website would be the perfect way to share all the information and research I had collected on a non-invasive approach to anti-aging skin care.  "Wouldn't it be nice," I thought, "to have all that valuable information collated in one comprehensive website?" 

the puzzle pieces were coming together

 My curiosity, a great website topic and now, the final missing piece- the link I clicked that explained how to actually go about how to create a website; step-by-baby-step.

This one-stop resource on every topic imaginable about building a website provided tons of very specific and detailed information and answered a bazillion questions I didn't even know I had. 

So, get comfy, grab a cup and watch a video or two to learn more. . .


I think not.  I knew right then and there that the cyber gods must be sending me a message.  Thus, my journey into learning how to create a website began in earnest.

I know what you might be thinking because the suspicious part of me considered the exact same thing. . . "Is building a successful and profitable website with Solo-Build-It! one of those online Get Rich Quick Schemes"? 

What I quickly learned through extensive research, that would be a big, hearty, emphatic no!  This website is resounding proof that there are quite a lot of wonderful opportunities to be found on the internet.

and now for the rest of the story. . .



My name is Sue Dolan, the webmaster of this SBI website, The Skin Care e-Learning and Resource Center.

Mine is an entirely different kind of "Rags to Riches" story.

My website success story doesn't start with rags.  It starts with pajamas and, of course, a computer and an idea.

My story continues with my experimenting around with learning how to create a website to share information with others on anti-aging skin care in an old, comfortable pair of pajamas (a bit ratty but certainly not rags) and the company I discovered with an easy website building platform called Solo Build It or SBI for short.

As my website has grown so have my riches!

It's a richness born of satisfaction, of amazement, and of pride as I see my website success continue to grow.

It's that rich, rewarding feeling of excitement that happens every time I tear open the monthly checks from Google ads and the companies that pay me commission when a product is purchased from my site.

To be perfectly honest, it is still astonishing to me that I can actually earn extra income by doing something I enjoy for just a few hours a week.  (Psst. . . and you can to.  If I can, anyone can!)

And Solo Build It! (SBI) made it all possible. . .

SBI is really the hero of this website success story, not me. . .

SBI taught me how to create a website and turn it into a profitable website business.

You see, I have to confess that I am an absolute computer and technological "e"lliterate.

I haven't a clue about electronics or technology.  It makes my head hurt.

The only knowledge I started with was the ability to turn on my computer.


You might think that my story should end here for such an "e"diot, right?

Well, I almost thought so too. 

After all, how can a completely technologically challenged person ever begin to think they had the skills necessary to learn how to create a website- never mind turn it into a very profitable website success?

But as it so happens, I like a challenge. I'm not one to give up easily or to let a little lack of knowledge become a barrier.  I firmly believe that with a bit of effort we all have the capabilities to make our dreams come true.

Guess what I discovered?

learning how to create a website does make dreams come true. . .

And all it took was just one fortunate (and life changing) click of the mouse.

You see, I happened to be looking at a website that had this little link at the bottom that said, "Powered by the Best and Easiest Website Building Program Ever."

"Well," I thought. . .

"That's exactly what I need . . . easy!"

I clicked the SBI link and found all I had hoped for. . . (And much more) An all-in-one, do everything for you site building step-by-baby-step program.


And for less than $29 a month. A perfect fit for my lean, rather ragged budget.

My "Rags to Riches" story really begins in earnest now!

Whenever I have an hour or two to spare, I power up my computer (in my ever so comfy old ragged P.J.'s, of course) and happily build my website.  It's a great escape from the non-stop carpools, my two boy's back-to-back sports schedules, and the never-ending housework.

Better yet, I've seen the earnings from my website success grow from just pennies a day to well over $2000 a month. (And I'm just beginning!)

Since I only have about 3 to 6 hours a week to spend on my website, I figure it's now paying me over $65 an hour. YEAH! (That's w-a-y-better than my day job!)

And between you and me, the fact of the matter is that many SBI websites do much, much better than mine. I'm a slow poke. My website success has taken quite a bit of good old fashioned, roll up your shirt sleeves hard work. 

Learning how to create a website and integrating the income producing options has grown very, very gradually.  But I'm older and am still rather "e"lliterate. There are quite a few SBI sites that earn well over 6 figures. (Of course, I'm positively green with envy but just maybe I can achieve that kind of website success someday!)

It gets even better than that too. . .

In addition to having extra money to splurge on a dinner out with my family now and then, to help to pay for a family vacation or to buy something a bit frivolous, my SBI website has also given me an adventure of a lifetime!

My twin sister and I were flown to New York City by Real Simple Magazine for an all expense paid long weekend when featured in their "Inspiring Beauty" article. That experience was too awesome for words!

Who knew that learning how to create a website on anti-aging skin care could provide such a variety of riches?

For me, this website has already provided me with riches beyond compare. And as my website continues to grow, so does my income; making my dreams closer to becoming reality. 

And even more adventures like a totally unexpected debut with Kim Carrigan on the Fox News Morning Show!

I fully expect that the ending to my "Rags to Riches" story will involve trading in my business suit for a wonderful new pair of soft, snuggly pajamas. (Maybe with even a robe to match!)

Start Dreaming!

Why not learn how to create a website of your very own?

Here's your game plan:

  • Put on your most comfy pajamas
  • Review my summary of the 6 key steps for "How to Make a Website"
  • Get SBI
  • Turn your dreams into reality

A website can be about anything you know! 

There is a world full of people who are interested in what you have to share.  Do you have a passion?  A hobby?  An idea? A skill or talent?  An interest in any sort of topic like beauty, spa or skin care perhaps?  (Oh yeah, that would be me!!)  I turned my interest into this website business.  You can turn your interest into an online business too, just like I have.  Here are some ideas and a listing of successful SBI website businesses.

Fast forward....
(2 years later)

Have you ever wondered how you will fill your time when you finally experience the "Empty Nest Syndrome"? My answer to you is to fill it with. . .


Now that I have more time and the opportunity to spend a bit more time working on my website, I am happy to tell you that my SBI website success now helps to pay for two college tuitions as well as occasional spur-of-the-moment getaways for my husband and me! I am absolutely loving that!


And my family loves it too. . .

My experience has proven to be proof positive, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the SBI step-by-step process for "How to Create a Website Business" (and a profitable one too!) can work for absolutely anyone- and amazingly well too.

I have found that SBI truly is the. . .

"Best and Easiest Website Building Program EVER"!

Have questions?
just ask. . .

Without a doubt, considering building a website can be a really big decision for many of us. 

Sometimes there is nothing better than talking it through with a real live person or having a knowledgeable, helpful person to answer your questions.  SBI is readily accessible, just give them a call:

FREE One-on-One Consultation

Each and everyday people just like you (and me) have built their website success into a profitable online business.  

Based on my own experience, I sincerely believe that learning how to create a website is an amazing opportunity for absolutely anyone including Work-at-Home Moms, Students, Hobbyists, and Retirees.  My recommendation?  Just go for it!

Wishing You Website Success,


P.S. I almost forgot!
You can even try SBI risk Free.
There just isn't a better way to start your own website success story.
SBI has a 100%, no questions asked, 90-day money back guarantee.


you can give 'em "the Business"


Have you ever been completely stumped thinking of the most perfect gift idea?

Why not give your loved one "The Business"?
The SBI Business of course! (It's really the best present in the world!)

Just think of it. . .

your teenager

Your adolescent spends most of their time glued to the computer anyways, right?
Turn that into an opportunity!
Let them learn how to create a website. It's a wonderful skill and will earn them income for the rest of their lives.

your Beloved

Your beloved has always had a dream about owning their own business and being their own boss.  Or being a stay-at-home parent.
Well, why not?
It would make your beloved so happy!

Give them "The Business"!

your parents
       (or In-Laws)

Your parents just retired and they don't know what to do with themselves so they are at your house every day "helping" out. You really want to give them "The Business", don't you? (*snicker, snicker*)

Give them a rewarding gift that will provide them with a whole new world of opportunities instead. . . their own business!
(It will also keep them home more because they will have something meaningful to do for themselves.
You truly love them, really you do but. . .

Heck. . .

Go for the whole enchilada and give them all "The Business".

That way everyone can enjoy website success!

Enjoy Success!

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