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Sue Dolan


Hi there,

I'm Sue. . .  

Your Skin Care Instructor.

A very hearty welcome to the Skin Care Resource eLearning Center, your one stop informational resource on anti-aging skin care.

So glad you stopped by.  It's so great to meet you.

I do hope that you are enjoying the site and learning all about aging beautiful using a non-invasive approach to anti-aging skin care.

Most people want to know how I became so obsessed with facial rejuvenation and a self-help approach to anti-aging skin care. . . not to mention why I decided to become a facial rejuvenation instructor and start a  e-Learning website on anti-aging skin care. 

Well, to be honest, my sister made me do it! (Really.)

You see, I am an identical twin.


If truth be known, my initial motivation to begin researching the facts of anti-aging treatment can be directly attributed to Chris, my twin sister. 

She made me desperate to learn what I could do to make my skin look younger and healthier, just like hers.  You see, that sh*t secretly had a few rather invasive cosmetic procedures.

It all started when Chris and I turned 40.

That decade is a shocker that's for sure.  Everything starts to go to h*ll and then continues to rapidly deteriorate from there:

  • First it is the eye sight that starts to go.

  • Then the muffin top starts to spill over the waist band.

  • "The girls" start to sag and need constant propping up.

  • And every time you look into the mirror your face continues to
    blossom with more and more aging skin symptoms.

Truly, it was very depressing.

Right about that time, Chris took action. Rather significant and invasive action. (She's such a brat!) Without telling me no less.  Chris underwent a few cosmetic procedures, one of which was a deep laser facial resurfacing. Consequently, our former identical twin appearance changed rather significantly.

It was like a cosmetic commercial for a "before" and "after" ad.                                              

(Where I clearly had the starring role as the "before").

You know, a twin version of Beauty and the Beast.


. . . or an advertisement promoting cosmetic surgery with me featured as the elderly crone while Chris is portrayed as a radiantly youthful goddess.

Oh, okay. . .

Maybe that description is a bit too dramatic.

Suffice it to say that the differences in our appearance was quite dramatic.

Obviously, drastic action was called for and I immediately began to research all the anti-aging skin care options available for facial rejuvenation.

I needed to look better!

Fast. . .

Very, very FAST!

But to be honest, I wasn't at all thrilled about the invasive (and very expensive) rejuvenation procedures.

What I quickly discovered was that non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation are extremely effective. Thus began my extensive research and study of anti-aging treatment and facial rejuvenation.

The rest is history. . .

The success of my own non-invasive facial rejuvenation regimen is really quite remarkable.

And it is really easy for me to know that a non-invasive approach really works because I can just compare myself to my twin.

Actually, I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that a non-invasive approach to rejuvenating your skin can literally work wonders.  Though, unlike most people, I have an advantage.  I can continually check the difference in the appearance of my skin to Chris's so I know that I can take action if necessary to I will never again look like the elderly crone.

Now I am much, much happier since I don't feel like the "before" version of
the twin any more!


So now I bet you are wondering whatever possessed me build a website to share all the information I learned about facial rejuvenation?

Well, to be honest,  I often ask myself that very question!

The bottom line is that it took me a very long time to research what works to rejuvenate the skin and what doesn't. 

Learning the art of using a non-invasive approach to aging beautiful seemed overwhelming at first.  Then it dawned on me.   There simply wasn't one resource on the entire world wide web that provided comprehensive, unbiased information on all aspects of facial rejuvenation.  

So I though, why not create one?

It seemed to be a great way to share all the information on effective rejuvenation strategies, techniques and the best anti-aging treatments that I have learned.

So even though I happen to be technologically challenged, (and that's a HUGE understatement),  "e"diot would be much more accurate. . .  :-)

I found a an easy to follow website building program called Site-Build-It, swallowed my fear of the unknown, hauled up the big girl panties, took a deep breath and got started.

Now for someone who can still barely answer her cell phone, never mind program it, building a website might sound like a monumental feat and I had to ask myself. . .

  • Could a complete moron actually build a website?
  • Would anyone be interested in all the information I have to share on skin care? 
  • Would anyone ever find my website if I built it? 
  • Could I  possibly even turn a website into my very own business that would provide a little extra income if I undertook this project?

Happily, the answer was a resounding YES to all of the above! 

Anyone that has a hobby, is passionate about a particular topic, or just has information they would like to share like I do, then go for it!   Build a website and a web business all at the same time.  Just snuggle up to your computer in your most comfy PJ's and get started.

And your can Create your own success story just like mine when I decided to become an online skin care instructor to share current, accurate information on effective anti-aging treatments. . . 

My Website Success Story

Since accurate information on all aspects of non-invasive anti-aging skin care simply was not as easy to find as I had assumed it would be I couldn't think of a better way to share that information with others than building a website

By building this website I've not only become a skin care instructor but a web business owner as well.  Pretty cool huh?

I also happen to be an avid researcher.   While my other secret passion is a relentless bargain hunter. (Aren't most people?)

As an educator, data analyzer, consumer advocate, and now skin care instructor; I decided to combine these skills to unravel the mysteries of anti-aging skin care and skin rejuvenation strategies into a one stop e-Learning and Resource Center on Anti-Aging Skin Care.

Over the past 15 years I have enjoyed the extensive research and my role as a skin care instructor in the fascinating arena of anti-aging skin rejuvenation.

And all that information is right here for you!

My goal as the skin care instructor for this facial rejuvenation website is to help anyone concerned about their aging skin issues to can recapture their youthful, healthy and vibrant appearance once again.

This site encompasses all the essential knowledge anyone needs to know including:

  • Identifying the effective clinically proven skin rejuvenation treatments and strategies.

  • Providing a extensive listing of informative resources to help consumers conduct their own research.

  • Comprehensive anti-aging skin care product pricing and buyer guides that allows consumers to easily locate the most affordable yet effective skin rejuvenation products available to address their own aging skin care needs.

My revelation that. . .

Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments DO Work.
(Amazingly well in fact)

Will benefit your skin too!

I hope as your skin care instructor that I inspire you to start your own skin rejuvenation regime that will give you great RESULTS.

I would happily lend you my twin so you can prove to yourself that the condition of your skin will improve as significantly as mine has but she is actually quite shy, unlike her other half, your skin care instructor, I guess that's not possible.

But take my word for it, the differences in comparing the appearance of my skin with my twin are once again negligible, proving beyond a doubt that non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments can be astonishingly effective.

As your skin care instructor, I'm proof positive.


Even now that we are nearing our mid-60's, Chris has continued an invasive approach and I have not. In a side-by-side comparison, our appearance is still nearly identical!  Thank goodness. . . 

As you can see, my skin is a bit more "rugged" looking, but that's just fine by me!

I continue to use clinically proven anti-aging ingredients along with a fair number of natural skin care recipes and DIY home spa treatments.

To be honest, I experiment with anything that has shown rejuvenating promise like my own DIY photorejuvenation facial laser, the Clarisonic skin care brush, and the Galvanic Facial, among others since I happen to be a confirmed spa gadget loving gal.  I also confess to having a professional quality microdermabrasion machine that helps to keep my skin as young looking and healthy as possible.

Now don't get me wrong. . .

I'm not at all opposed to some of the cosmetic procedures Chris has done. (I'm particularly intrigued by collagen fillers, but Botox does scare me a bit as does that lifestyle lift- YUK!)

Someday I expect I might even give a few a try (. . . as research in my role as skin care instructor mind you :-) , but until then I'm quite happy with the results I've achieved with my non-invasive approach.

The skin care rejuvenation puzzle can be quite difficult to piece together, especially when trying to uncover the truth about the variety of anti-aging treatments available.

Now that I have created this website, learn about how this adventure turned into an astonishing . . .                     

Website Success

It's a riveting tale of how a pair of comfy P.J.'s, an idea,
a bit of hard work and a few brain cells can build a profitable online business!
(In response to many visitor requests, I finally completed an overview
the step-by-step process of "How to make a website" along with the
site building program I use to create this website.)

My role as a skin care instructor along with creating this website has now evolved into a wonderful online business which has provided me with some rather unexpected adventures.  

I've collected all the natural anti-aging skin care recipes I've written over the years and written "Naturally Skinsational" which is now also published in paperback on, Chris and I were flown to NYC for a feature article in Real Simple Magazine, I was invited and appeared on the Fox News 25 Morning Show and most recently in More Magazine. . . in a word WOW!

Building a website has been a marvelous, exciting, and amazing adventure.

Who knew that becoming a skin care instructor and web site owner could be so much darn fun and profitable at the same time?

I've organized all the essential anti-aging skin care information together into e-Knowledge Modules.

These eknowledge modules comprise the foundation for the e-Learning Center to assist those interested in creating their own anti-aging skin care treatment plan to formulate a regimen that will be as effective as possible in addressing a wide range of aging skin issues without spending hundreds (or thousands) of needless dollars in the process.

While admittedly not the instant, miraculous "Fountain of Youth" that many crave, you will find a wealth of information and all the resources you need to embark on the path to a more youthful, healthy, radiant and vibrant appearance.

Aging beautiful really doesn't take much. . .
just give it time and let your own
facial magic begin.

anti-aging education


Happy Rejuvenating!

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