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Rose Water Skin Spritzer Recipe

This natural skin care recipe for a rose water skin spritz is shared by P.K. from Northwest USA.

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P.K.'s Grandmother used to brew large batches of rose water to use as a facial rinse as well as a refreshing summer skin conditioner that provided the skin with lots of natural nourishment while keeping it well hydrated.

P.K. has adapted the use of her grandmother's favorite skin care recipe into a toner, hydrating face mist and a variety of other anti-aging facial treatments.

Though, P.K. says that the rose water skin spritzer is one of her favorites (especially on hot summer days).  It also happens to be the quickest and easiest to make.

Start by gathering at least a dozen roses in full bloom (just the blossoms) along with a generous hand full of rose hips.


Rose hips are the berry that forms after the rose has shed its petals.  They are a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamin c and they also have a natural form of vitamin A. 

P.K. suggest to simply snip the rose hips with a sharp pair of shears at its base to remove it from the stem of the rose bush.  (Or you can always purchase fresh roses, but that can be rather expensive.)

Rose water and rose hips have been used throughout history as a beauty treatment for the skin for the range of skin conditioning effects of the antioxidants as well as for the skin firming properties.

Hydrating Face Mist
Rose Skin Sprizter

Basic Rose Water Recipe

  • Rose flowers and rose hips, petals plucked from flower, hips trimmed to remove stems and leaves
  • Mineral or coconut water

Place trimmed rose flowers and rose hips in a large pot of mineral or coconut water.

Add just enough water to cover the petals; simmer gently for 15 to 20 minutes.  Mash mixture to release all the nutrients from the petals and hips.

Strain well through a piece of cheese cloth (or coffee filter), the transfer to small spritz bottle.

Cool then store excess rose water in the refrigerator for several days.

P.K.'s Grandmother used the rose water like a toner to refresh her skin throughout the day by damping a small soft cloth and dabbing it on her face.

P.K. has adapted the rose water for other uses such as a hydrating face mist that she brings to the beach with her. Pour some of the rose water into a small spray bottle to spritz the skin as needed.

Finally, P.K. also uses the rose water as a soothing under eye treatment. Cotton balls or pads can be saturated with the rose water, squeezed out and frozen. The frozen rose water can then be used as a natural skin care anti-aging treatment for under eye dark circles and puffiness.

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