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How to Tighten Sagging Skin
Firming Sagging Skin Begins with Rejuvenation Treatments Targeted to Stimulate Cell Repair

How to Tighten Sagging Skin
One of the most FAQ when starting an anti-aging skin care regimen is how to tighten sagging skin.

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Jasmine, a frequent visitor to this site asked many questions regarding her desire for firming sagging skin. 

Her interest in learning the strategies that reduce sagging skin echo what we all want to know. . .

Jasmine asks,
"Sue, I have been doing your regimen for about two months now. My results are really exciting. My skin feels and looks so much better. It feels soft and supple.

I have stopped using Obagi. But I would like to know specifically your recommendations for firming sagging skin.

Here are my questions now:
  1. I have noticed some sagging and I know its age related. What do you recommend to reduce sagging skin? I need to do something that works well for firming sagging skin.

  2. One of your recommendations is using a Botox alternative. Do you recommend that for me? If yes, how do I incorporate it in my existing skin care routine? Will that take care of sagging or is it more for lines and wrinkles? Will it work on the prevention of future wrinkles?

  3. What do you suggest for hyper-pigmentation?
    I have some light pigmentation. That makes the skin look uneven and not bright. I want my skin to look healthy.

  4. You have also suggested taking before and after pics. I was thinking that it would be useful in order to see what results I am getting. Do they need to be professional ones or would regular snapshots from a camera do just as well?

Sue, I really appreciate all your guidance. You are taking the guesswork out of how to treating aging skin care issues. You are doing all the research which is very hard to do and I just take your results and apply it to me. How cool is that?! Thanks so much. "

And my response. . .

Jasmine, (and everyone else on the planet) interested in how to tighten sagging skin, I've put together a skin care regimen along with the specific products that will give you the best results:

Your daily facial routine to reduce sagging skin

Hope You Like It!

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