Copper Peptide skin care Products

the primary benefits of copper peptides, commonly referred to as GHK-Cu, is its regenerating properties

Copper Peptide, GHK-Cu, is a micro-nutrient complex naturally occurring in the body.

It's use as an ingredient in anti-aging skin care started over 30 years ago.   Since that time, multiple clinical studies have been conducted verifying the efficacy of GHK-Cu for the treatment of aging skin.

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments

Copper Peptide, considered a "tripeptide" because it contains three very important amino acids, work to stimulate the production of several vital skin-identical ingredients such as collagen, and elastin.

As a naturally occurring peptide, copper gives aging skin a much needed vitality boost.

This anti-aging treatment has been shown to possess qualities that include firming properties, enhancing the skin's protective ability and as a powerful antioxidant.

Studies show that copper peptide skin care products also stimulates collagen formation, improves the skin's elasticity, promotes elastin production as well as has healing properties.

Important Note:

Be aware that peptide skin care products cannot be use in a layering strategy at the same time as using with Vitamin C products, the combination will neutralize the effect of both treatments.

If you are incorporating both of these skin rejuvenation treatments into your daily skin care regime, simply utilize each of these treatments at different times of the day.

As we all know, there simply isn't one single, magic bullet ingredient when it comes to anti-aging.

The best line of defense to maintain younger looking skin through the years is practicing a combination of. . .

  • Making good, healthy lifestyle choices
  • Choosing the right products with clinically proven active ingredients
  • Using them consistently

Peptide Skin Care Product Resources:

three top skin care lines specializing in copper peptide formulations

Clinical Research. . .                                                                                                           

Copper peptide products are a perfect match for aging or mature complexions.

As a naturally occurring peptide that renews the skin's youthful look, it is considered one of the greatest "go-to" ingredients for anti-aging skincare for providing much needed vitality a boost. 

All anti-aging copper peptide skin care treatments. . .

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