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Fact Sheet on the Active Anti-Aging Ingredients in Skin Treatment Products

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Selecting effective anti-aging treatments and skin rejuvenation products can often be quite confusing.

You aren't alone!

It is hard to figure out which ones have the most benefit for treating aging skin effectively.

We all wonder which facial rejuvenation treatments actually work the best.

Who doesn't?

It's down-right difficult trying to figure out which skin treatment products have the most benefit for treating the symptoms of aging skin effectively.

The Skin Care Resource Center has extensively researched the most effective Anti-Aging Ingredients to look for in facial rejuvenation treatments so you get results!

Each active anti-aging ingredient is summarized by identifying the specific benefit it has for rejuvenating the skin and whether it has been clinically proven in independent studies and trials to be an effective anti-aging treatment for skin care.

Anti-Aging Ingredient ResearchDo you know if the products you use include the recommended concentrations of

Although the vast majority of facial rejuvenation products will list anti-aging treatment ingredients, if the recommended concentration is not specified on the label then there is no way of knowing if that product will be effective. (You wouldn't take baby aspirin for a migraine would you?)

So take a few extra moments and check the listing of ingredients to make sure you are selecting a  rejuvenating product that will effectively address your aging skin concerns.

Use the treatments proven to give RESULTS!

The Anti-Aging Ingredients fact sheet on facial rejuvenation treatments provides accurate information on the effectiveness of each ingredient used in anti-aging skin care formulations.

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Anti-Aging Ingredients Glossary

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For a quick synopsis the following guide provides a summary of the most popular anti-aging ingredients.

A star indicates a clinically proven facial rejuvenation ingredient.

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These carefully selected facial rejuvenation treatments are formulated using effective concentrations of clinically proven active anti-aging ingredients.

(You need to select the facial rejuvenation products that are actually going to give you results!)

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Anti-Aging Ingredient Fact Sheet

star Argireline: The OTC Alternative to Botox...
 star Allantoin: Learn more...
star Alpha-Hydroxy Acids include AHA's, glycolic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and citric acid
  Alpha Lipoic Acid: Promising research, learn more...
star Beta Hydroxy Acids (Salicylic Acid): Learn more...
  Coenzyme Q-10: Promising research, learn more...
  Collagen: Promising research, learn more...
  Copper Peptides: Promising research
  DMAE: Promising research
  Estrogen (Estradiol .o1% or Estriol .3%): Promising research
  Eyeliss: Promising research
  Green Tea: Promising research
star Hyaluronic Acid: Learn more...
 star Hydroquinone: Learn more. . .
  Kinerase & Kinetin (N6-Furfurladenine): Promising research
 star Kojic Acid
  Liposomes: Promising research
  Lycopene: Promising research
  Pal-KTTKS: Learn more...
  Palmitoyl Pentapeptide (Matrixyl): Promising research Learn more...
  Progesterone: Promising research
 star Tretinoin (Retinoic acid- Retin A / Renova): Learn more...
star Retinol (a form of Vitamin A): Learn more...
  Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A derivative): Learn more...
  Spin Traps: Promising research
 star Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Learn more...
star Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
 star Vitamin K: Learn more. . .
star Vegetal Stem Cell: Placenta Skin Care Therapy

Do you need help choosing the most effective anti-aging treatment products so you can begin  
your own skin rejuvenation regimen?

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To achieve maximum rejuvenation benefits apply facial products to warm, moist skin in order to help promote the skin's ability to absorb all the beneficial nutrients. Then gently tap the skin to stimulate the cells and promote circulation.

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