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Vitamin K Skin Care
An Especially Effective Treatment for Dark Under Eye Circles

Vitamin K Skin Care ProductsVitamin K products are clinically proven to be an effective treatment for bruising and broken capillaries.

Vitamin K can also play a very important role in your overall facial rejuvenation strategy.

Clinical evidence demonstrates that vitamin k can  effectively diminish dark circles under the eye and minimize the appearance of broken capillaries.  These small broken capillaries or "spider veins" can lend an overall ruddy appearance to facial skin.

Vitamin K as an anti-aging treatment that can help address mottled pigmentation and is especially beneficial in reducing the discoloration or bruised appearance and puffiness under the eye.

Studies suggest that "Super" Vitamin K skincare products
are more effective
in producing desired results.

In addition, some clinical trials suggest that a combination under eye treatment or utilizing a layering technique that combines several different anti-aging ingredients produces quicker results. 

Vitamin K products can effectively treat those broken capillaries that tend to develop on the bridge of the nose and radiate outwards on the cheeks creating a ruddy skin tone.  This is one of the most common skin pigmentation issues that can be attributed to aging skin.  

Tip: Sunscreen is your skin's best friend in preventing and/or minimizing these type of aging skin symptoms. 

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