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Placenta Skin Care
The Facts on Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
Using the Controversial Placental
Stem Cell Therapy 

Placenta Skin Care name=Now before you say YUK! about placenta skin care and stem cell therapy to promote facial rejuvenation, do you know that many facial placental stem cell therapy products are formulated using vegetal stem cells that originate from plants?

In a nut shell, placenta facial rejuvenation treatments utilize the science of stem cell therapy to stimulate cell regeneration to reverse the signs of aging and restore skin to a youthful appearance.

It's no longer Hollywood's best keep secret either!

It wasn't until celebrities such as J.Lo and Marc Anthony discussed their use of placental stem cell facial masks as an important aspect of their facial routines, that the use placenta facial treatments became an important part of the facial rejuvenation map!

Who knew that plants have embryos too?

Vegetal Placenta, found at heart of a plant's buds, provides the nourishment plants requiring during their growth phase. The vegetal placenta (referred to as VP) is harvested at the embryonic stage from the buds.

Unbeknownst to many, not only are the regenerative properties of embryonic plant stem cells quite remarkable, they are also a natural source of growth hormones that work to dramatically improve cell function.

But as you might well expect, some placenta facial  treatments do indeed utilize stem cells from animals
(such as sheep or cows) or human donors.

What makes placental stem cell therapy such
a specialty and highly coveted facial
rejuvenation treatment?

Placenta skin treatments use the science of stem cell therapy to reverse the signs of aging and restore skin to a youthful appearance.

Adding to the "specialty" nature of placenta skin care is not only the controversy that surrounds the use of donor stem cells but the revelation that many popular Hollywood Celebrities have viewed the exorbitantly priced placental stem cell therapy as one of their best kept secrets for younger, fresher, healthier looking skin.

Once Celebrities started talking openly about their use of placental skin care, it uncovered the possibilities for a much wider range of use in the cosmetology and aesthetics industry as a reliable skin rejuvenator.

Once it was openly revealed that such notable celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Jacqueline Bisset, J.lo and even Marc Anthony reportedly use stem cell treatments as part of their facial regimens, placental stem cell therapy has become better understood and a much more acceptable (and affordable) skin rejuvenation option.

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