Anti-aging Information on the skin

Rejuvenation Skin Care Reference Library on Active Anti-Aging Ingredients

. . . for Those Curious Minds!

Research the latest clinical information on active anti-aging skin care ingredients.  Learn what works and why because we all know that old adage. . .

 "The more you know the more you know you don't know. . ."

Discover the most current  information on:

  • The science behind effective rejuvenating active ingredients
  • What's new and up and coming
  • Which ingredients work best in treating each symptom of aging skin

And much, much more.

We base the information shared on this site by reviewing clinical studies, scientific research and, even, the FDA 's findings on the effectiveness of active anti-aging ingredients using a variety of different resources to substantiate product claims.   We strive to report the good, the bad and the downright ugly truths related to facial rejuvenation treatments, techniques and strategies. 

In all honesty, research is the foundation necessary to verify the level of effectiveness in the anti-aging skin care treatments that consumers select to address their aging skin symptoms as well as: 

  • Build knowledge and facilitate learning
  • Understand, inform and increase awareness
  • Validate and support truths

Search away for the most current anti-aging information on the skin care ingredients beneficial for rejuvenating the signs of aging. . .


The site's main mission is to improve awareness about healthy beauty and help people of all ages achieve the look they want by providing information from leading experts, articles, celebrity trends, as well as the findings of scientific clinical studies.

Happy Researching!

Clinical Research. . .                                                                                                           

Specific scientific studies:

and much more to come very soon. . .

Hang Tight!
We plan to add an extensive list of reference resources and information of the skin
right here on this page that will provide the latest insights, studies
and information on antiaging ingredients.

(Thanks so much for your patience!)

In the meantime, here are some great resources you can find right on The Skin Care e-Learning and Resource Center's website including the clinically proven and effective skin rejuvenation treatments anti-aging skin care treatments that have been grouped in categories for specific aging skin conditions or by active rejuvenation ingredients.

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