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Treating Cold Sores
How to Quickly and Effectively Heal Cold Sores

Treating Cold Sores 1 Treating a cold sore effectively doesn't have to be a mystery.

You can feel it coming on!

Cold sores bring that uncomfortable tingling sensation you begin to feel
on your lip is unmistakable. 

You know that it's the start of another dreaded sore.

You've gone through this routine before.

First it gets red, then that itchy tingly area puffs out into a big embarrassing sore.

For some reason you can't stop checking yourself out in the mirror every chance you get.

Why, you wonder, does it have to happen me?

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. It's likely that some relative of yours infected you when you were a child by kissing you at a time when their herpes simplex was infectious.

The virus went right into your mouth and sought a hospitable host cell that would let the virus move right in. The virus then "ordered" the DNA in its host cell to make lots more viruses exactly like it.

For most of the time, these viruses are homebodies. They stay put, but from time to time the virus family likes to take a little trip down the nerve highways until it reaches the skin surface.

When this happens, you start to feel that awful tingling sensation that signals the start of another sore. That's the time take quick action in treating the cold sore before it develops into a huge sore.

Be proactive about treating cold sores.

If the sore isn't really bothersome, just leave it alone. Make sure to keep the sore clean and dry. If necessary use an OTC cold sore treatment.  

If it becomes infected - and this rarely happens - seek medical attention to make sure the bacterial infection is properly treated.

Follow these steps to treat cold sores effectively:
Treating Cold Sores 2Replace Your Toothbrush: Your trusty toothbrush can hold the herpes virus for days, reinfecting you after the present sore heals.

Get rid of your toothbrush as soon as you start with a cold sore, and after your cold sore has gone, replace your toothbrush for a second time just in case.

Don't take any chances. Don't keep your toothbrush in the bathroom. A nice wet toothbrush in a moist environment like your bathroom is a cozy home for the herpes simplex virus.

Use Small Tubes Of Toothpaste: Toothpaste can transmit disease too, so if you use smaller tubes, you'll be replacing your toothpaste more often.

Protect With Petroleum Jelly: Cover your cold sore with petroleum jelly. Be sure not to dip back into the jelly with the same finger you used to touch your sore. It would be better to use fresh cotton buds.

Zap it with DermaSeptic: The DermaSeptic Cold Sore treatment devise transmits medication to kill the virus where it originates below the surface of the skin.  This is a relatively new technology that has received great reviews.


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