Aging Skin Concerns 

more wrinkles, whiskers and bags
~ Oh My! ~

Is all your mirror showing you these days are more wrinkles, whiskers and
under eye bags?

Aging Skin

Hey Toto, I don't think we're a vision of youthful radiance anymore. . .

I keep seeing even more wrinkles, whiskers and bags every day!

~ Oh My! ~

Time seems to have dropped a heavy load of aging skin issues on us from out of nowhere.

What's up with that?  Now where is that facial rejuvenation wizard when you need him?

Hiding behind the posh doors of some very expensive clinic offering life changing cosmetic procedures I expect.

Well, we sure can't afford to get into that type of Emerald City now can we?

Forget the lions, tigers and bears!

They aren't nearly as scary as what I'm seeing looking back at me in the mirror.

Toto, what's an aging girl to do?

Well, close your eyes. . .

Click your ruby slippers together three times and repeat over and over again, "I will begin an anti-aging skin care regimen!"

Then haul up those big girl panties, suck in that bulging muffin top, and get started.

You really don't need to see the wizard, what you need to do is follow the yellow brick road all the way to your local department store.

Gather-up your courage and don't let those flying monkeys capture your attention with promises of preventing more wrinkles in that over priced miraculous instant face lift in a jar.

Don't allow the wicked marketing ploys to entice you into investing your paycheck in that stunningly beautiful bottle claiming to be so jam-packed with skin renewing antioxidants that within seconds of application your aging skin will be restored to its former flawless appearance.

Arm yourself with knowledge, accurate information on clinically proven aging skin care treatments.

Then stick with the facts. Chances are you already know most of the important facts to effectively care for your skin already.

They can all be summed up by adopting a healthy anti-aging lifestyle including a nutritionally rich diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a skin care routine that is designed to address the symptoms of aging.

You don't need a crystal ball to tell you what the future will bring if you don't change your skin care strategies.

Select rejuvenation products with an adequate concentration of clinically proven active anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin A (retinol), glycolic acid, and powerful antioxidants like vitamin C.

It's well worth investing a few moments to research which facial rejuvenation products will effectively treat your aging skin concerns ahead of time so that you aren't wandering around the store aimlessly like you don't have a brain.

(Though, of course, age does seem to have a way of scrambling what's left of the intellect as well, doesn't it Toto? That is your name isn't it?)

Aging Skin Problems

When establishing your routine be sure to include an exfoliation element to stimulate skin cell renewal, nutrients to build up the skin's resistance to damaging free radical activity, a deep moisturizing treatment to keep the skin hydrated and, most importantly, a sun protection product to prevent further damage.

Take heart because you are not going to see results overnight.

Any skin rejuvenation regimen will take at least a few months before you will begin to see noticeable improvements.

There is no need to hide!

Toto, although I know we'll never be able to return to those glorious days of youthful radiance, I am sure going to look a heck of a lot better than I do right now with a new anti-aging skin care routine!

Now let's enjoy those darling little Munchkins while we can because I expect our next adventure will involve working on getting rid of that dreadful muffin top.

P.S. Toto, one last thought occurred to me. I think I remember Auntie Em saying that I had the power all along to prevent more wrinkles and to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.

Wasn't it something about having the courage to forego that gorgeous bronzed beauty look and have the heart to faithfully protect the skin from sun damage throughout the years?

Now I really must resolve that irksome problem of finding a fully operational brain one of these days. . .

Start with the basics. . .

Shopping Lists for Aging Skin Care Rejuvenation Treatments:

These prepared a shopping lists include the most effective products at the best possible price!

Or visit the skin care shop to view all anti-aging skin care treatments for the best skin products grouped in categories for specific aging skin conditions or by active facial rejuvenation ingredient.

Or use the quick search. . .

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