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Article contributed by B.B. Martin from Improving Health and Energy

Anti-Aging Lifestyle

Adopting a lifestyle that focuses on anti-aging will not only help prevent premature aging but is the cornerstone to any facial rejuvenation regimen to effectively treat aging skin care concerns.

A well-rounded anti-aging facial skin care treatment regimen is much more than the application of a few skin rejuvenation products.  

As you age, it is also imperative to adopt an overall health-conscience outlook by integrating well documented and proven strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

These healthy lifestyle tips aren't really rocket science and certainly doesn't need to be any harder than using good judgment in your approach to ensure you take advantage of the clinical evidence and choices that supports an anti-aging lifestyle.

what are the best anti-aging healthy lifestyle tips?

It is nothing more complicated than adopting a holistic healthful approach to life.

You've all heard it a million times before. . .

To stay healthy and prevent premature aging eat a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, exercise, don't smoke, consume alcohol in moderation, protect yourself from over exposure to the sun, manage stress productively, get enough "beauty" sleep every night, and drink plenty of water- (up to a glass an hour!).

Pro Tip:
Taking a daily multi-vitamin is an excellent strategy as you begin transitioning to an anti-aging lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle tips begins with a healthy diet.

That means eating the right foods.  Experts agree that an optimum diet includes:

  • Salmon and other low mercury fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • "Healthy" fats like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and avocados
  • Nuts 
  • Seeds

Most likely you've heard the popular adage, "Eat the colors of the rainbow".  Brightly colored organic fruits and vegetables (orange, red, and yellows) contain vitamin C and carotenoids that support eye health as well as healthy skin.


Countless scientific studies support the anti-aging aspects of a "healthy" diet, proven by such facts as Japanese people are more likely to reach 100 than any other culture, an achievement that experts believe is directly linked to diet.

Green tea, for example, has been shown to reduce risk of death by up to 26 percent for those who consumed several cups a day. Other studies have found that nuts, omega-3s and hearty amounts of fruits and vegetables slow down the aging process. 

Clinical evidence also demonstrates that you can reduce your risk of suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease by simply by adjusting your diet.

The best healthy lifestyle tips - Start by making small adjustments in your meal planning and soon you will notice that your energy level has improved along with a host of other positive changes.

And we've all heard it countless times:

Exercise, exercise, exercise. . .

another in the host of healthy lifestyle tips!

Clinical trial after clinical trial consistently find that physical activity and improved aging health have a direct relationship.  Studies conclude that exercise is one of the best ways to proactively slow the development of a myriad of symptoms that can accompany the aging process. 

Combining a healthy diet and exercise along with the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep, a positive attitude, and stress management all contribute to the not-so-magical formula for successfully maintaining an anti-aging lifestyle.  

The U.S. Library of Health and Medicine is a great resource for additional information on the science supporting an anti-aging lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle tips also include proactive skin care routine will support your anti-aging lifestyle by providing your skin with the vital nourishment it needs for that highly coveted 'ageless' look.

Start with the basics. . .

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