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Stem Cell Treatments
A Controversial New Facial
Rejuvenation Ingredient

Stem Cell The utilization of stem cell treatments as a facial rejuvenation ingredient is highly controversial but not necessarily because of proven effectiveness of this newer anti-aging treatment.

The controversy arises as a result of trivializing the utilization of stem cells for the sole purpose of vanity.

The use of stem cell in treatments has slowly evolved over the past ten years and has become more accepted.

The integration of stem cells is gradually becoming more popular as an active anti-aging ingredient to promote skin regeneration.

As a result of several clinical studies conducted by researchers such as Dr. Xu whose published works, ". . . authenticate a fact that subsequent to burn injuries, the human body has an instinctive way of triggering residual tissue in situ to regenerate stem cells, which are then adapted to produce new skin tissue."

Lee Phillips, M.D. provides a great overview of stem cells regeneration in this report: About Stem Cells 

Because stem cells are unprogrammed they can transform into other type of cells and to perform a range of functions such as healing and new cell growth.

As an anti-aging skin care ingredient, the use of engineered stem cell skin care treatments work to heal sun damaged, wrinkled skin to stimulate rejuvenation of the skin so that it becomes firmer, and younger looking.

The stem cell technology is used in rejuvenation treatments such as the Restoration Cream that specifically targets wrinkled and sagging skin as well as the Eye Revolution to reduce puffiness and promote rejuvenation around the delicate eye area.

Stem cell skin care seems like a page out of a futuristic novel doesn't it?

The momentum of this anti-aging treatment has been quietly building with scientifically engineered alternatives and natural plant stem cell options emerging as viable alternatives.

This is a facial rejuvenation option to watch closely since it has the potential to become the ever elusive "Fountain of Youth" that can you can readily reach for right in your own beauty toolbox!

The rejuvenating attributes of all active anti-aging skin care ingredients are summarized in the Fact Sheet on Anti-Aging Ingredients.

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