Our DIY Spa Beauty Treatment Routine

by Betts, Tia and Vicki

Betts, Tia and Vicki- The DIY Spa Works and Beauty Treatment Trio

Betts, Tia and Vicki- The DIY Spa Works and Beauty Treatment Trio

We are having so much fun and success with our DIY spa beauty treatment routine that we can't wait to tell you about our results.

First of all, both Tia and I have closely follow all the advice on this website on creating an anti-aging skin care regimen that gives visible results. We can't thank the Skin Care Resource Center enough for providing the wealth of information and the variety of options that not only got us both started but has kept us inspired to try new treatments and strategies to keep our skin looking great (and healthier and younger) all year long.

Tia and I are best friends and roommates in our mid-30's. Neither of us wants to look old before our time and we both have been frequent patrons of several local spas for all sorts of skin care facial treatments.

Well, let me tell you, not any longer!

We're saving a bundle AND getting results that are far better than we ever could have imagined. As you might expect, we are both now huge advocates of DIY spa beauty treatments. (Once our girl friend Vicki noticed the difference in our skin, she now joined us in our weekend spa beauty hour!)

Here's how we started and what we are doing now:

  • Each month, we use the money we would have spent at the spa for a facial on a new skin care beauty treatment. It can be anything to do with facial rejuvenation like a DIY home spa devise or a new anti-aging skin care product.

  • We set aside one hour every weekend to experiement and test out our spa beauty treatments.

  • For the first 3 months we only did one side of our face so we could see what sort of results we were getting. (I can tell you that this was the hardest part since clearly after a handful of weeks the difference was absolutely astonishing!)

  • After 6 months we had perfected our individualized spa beauty skin care treatment regimens after we discovered that each of our skin types responded differently- especially to rejuvenation products. (For example, using a strong concentration of vitamin C makes my skin red and raw as well as gives me a bumpy rash while both Tia and Vicki's skin can tolerate even a deep vitamin C skin peel.) My suggestion, experimenting helps in finding the right combination of treatments for your particular skin.

A year later, all of our skin has never looked better! Without a doubt, our one hour a week (along with our daily skin care routines) has made an amazing difference! We all look younger looking, fresher, healthier.
(There's nothing like getting tons of compliments all the time on how great you look.)

So here are some of our favorite DIY spa beauty treatments:
We have w-a-y too many favorites to list them all!
  • Invest in a facial streamer! It so-o-o much easier and convenient then the pot of water over the stove. (Get one that you can add fresh herbs and natural ingredients to.)

  • We all are in love with the NuSkin galvanic spa and the NuSkin AgeLoc anti-aging facial treatment system. Most of the AgeLoc treatments aren't cheap, but hands down they are well worth it.

  • The most professional microdermabrasion machine (with crystals) that you can afford.

  • The derma facial roller. (It looks like an Edgar Allen Poe torture device but is fabulous, especially when used with a good quality rejuvenation treatment like DMAE or hyaluronic acid.)

  • It's almost embarrassing to admit but over the past year between the 3 of us, we have managed to amass many of the skin rejuvenation treatments found on the Best Skin Care Products page of this site. (Each one targets a different aging skin symptom or several issues at a time like the retinol products.)

  • An occasional facial peel is awesome! (It really helps with acne outbreaks too!)

Our collective advice to you all is to get started sooner rather than later on a daily skin care routine and at least once a week DIY spa treatment. Trust all three of us, you are going to look fabulous and that will make you feel great.

Grab your best friend, plan a weekly girl's spa night or go it alone. No matter how you get started, your skin in the years to come is going to thank you for your efforts.

So get going and get your own results!

The DIY Spa Works and Beauty Treatment Trio

P.S. Making up an occasional natural skin care recipe is tons of fun too, especially that yummy tasting moisturizing chocolate and coconut oil mask we made from your book "Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes". . .

Sue's Editor's Note:

Thank you so much Ladies!
You shared tons of helpful advice and I'm sure all the visitors reading your Beauty Tips will be so interested in your adventures and experiences in rejuvenating skin care techniques.

I thought it would be helpful to others to share some links to some of the "DIY Spa Girls" favorite DIY Spa Beauty Treatments:
Enjoy and Happy " Spaing"!

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