How do I get rid of age spots that are barely visible on my face?

by Suzie Price
(Marietta, GA)

Get Rid of Age Spots

Get Rid of Age Spots

How do I get rid of age spots that are barely visible on my face?

I have a small, not very visible age spot (but I can see it) on my cheek. It's surely from having fair skin, past skin damage and birth control pills.

Not too interested in going the laser route.

Would love to know the best product for lightening this age spot. I see all sorts of stuff on the market and some of it has not worked. Not sure how to pick the right thing.

Would love any advice or thoughts you have...


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Get Rid of Age Spots
by: Sue

Hi Suzie,

Aren't you lucky! You are starting early so your age spots don't become darker and more visible! One of the best ways to get rid of age spots is to start with a skin lightening cream.

Here is a link for some choices for you:
Hydroquinone Products

I particularly like the Murad products because they are very clear about the percentage of active ingredients in each of their treatments.

Then I would add a Vitamin A treatment:
Retinol Skin Care Treatments

Start with the Afirm 1X and work your skin's tolerance up to a higher concentration of retinol. This will not only help fade the dark spots but will encourage exfoliation as well.

Start SLOW!

Use one treatment in the AM and the other in the PM. To start, only dab the age spot to see how your skin reacts. It may become irritated. If it does, just stop for a few days then resume.

Once a week, use a microdermabrasion scrub to fully exfoliate the dead skin cells away from the surface of the skin:
Microdermabrasion Facial Treatments

If you want to start with a more natural approach, use a Q-Tip and dab a little fresh citrus juice on the age spots. (Orange, lemon, lime, etc.) Then mix up your own scrub using either sugar or salt with a little freshly squeezed citrus juice to moisten the granules.

Let us know how it goes!


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