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There is nothing more relaxing and pampering than a wonderful facial or home spa treatment.

DIY Facial TreatmentNot to mention the tremendous benefits that spa treatments have for your skin, especially aging skin.

There are quite a range of options to choose from including a deep moisturizing facial to microdermabrasion and even facial laser photo-rejuvenation light therapy.

The DIY facial spa treatments most widely considered to be genuinely effective include facial steaming, facial peels, facial masks, microdermabrasion, and photo-rejuvenation facial lasers.

It's nice to have lots of options, isn't it?

Home spa treatments for aging skin should actually be viewed as a necessity for effectively rejuvenating aging skin.

Here's your quick and easy DIY Facial
Spa Treatment Action Plan:

Cleansing: First, start any DIY spa treatment with squeaky clean skin. Use a gentle cleanser, not soap, with warm water. Cleansers with a soy base are less irritating to the skin.

Facial Steaming: Facial steaming can be as simple as heating up water in a large bowl in the microwave or on the stove, draping a towel over your head and letting your skin absorb the steam for 5 minutes. For a rejuvenating steam add green tea and some herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or mint to the water. Facial steamers will open up the pores providing a deep cleansing by steaming out embedded dirt, as well as hydrates the skin.

Toning: Tone skin with a stimulating toner rich in emollients and antioxidants.

Facial Mask: Once a week give yourself a skin enriching treatment with a moisturizing and hydrating facial mask. There are several OTC options or you can make your own mask using common ingredients such as avocado, banana, or aloe mixed with freshly squeezed citrus juice and a drizzle of olive or nut oil.

Facial Peel: Once a week try a stimulating facial peel with an OTC product that contains an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) or beta hydroxyl acid (BHA). You can also easily make your own DIY facial peel by using any fruit acid such as fresh grapefruit juice, add a few crushed plain aspirin, and one half packet of unflavored gelatin into one egg white stiffly whipped.

Microdermabrasion: Once or twice a week give your skin a microdermabrasion treatment which will get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. There are several types of microdermabrasion products to chose from which are all effective. Use an OTC microdermabrasion scrub, a microdermabrasion cloth or a hand held microdermabrasion scrubbing wand. Studies suggest that 5 to 6 home microdermabrasion treatments are equivalent to one professional spa microdermabrasion treatment! (Think of the savings!)

Facial Laser Treatments: There are several different home facial laser devises to choose from including the ever popular Derma Wand, and Oxylight. The Baby Quasar or "Baby Q" is the newest facial laser to be introduced on the market and has been quite a hit. (It was originally designed to be sold as a professional spa photo rejuvenation treatment but was recently released to be sold to the home consumer). The current correlation is that 3 to 4 home DIY facial laser treatments are equal to the results achieved from one professional IPL treatment.

Facial Wraps: A simple facial wrap can be achieved with either an OTC product or by soaking nori seaweed in warm vitamin water until soft and applying it on the skin for 15 minutes.

It's Naturally Skinsational!
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Skin Care Tip

Apply skin care products to warm moist skin in order to maximize their absorption.

After completing a DIY spa treatment with a moisturizer that is rich in emollients as well as a strong antioxidant as an active ingredient such as vitamin C or copper peptides. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, DMAE, and alpha lipoic acid are also excellent ingredients to look for in a moisturizing skin care treatment.

Sunscreen: Last but not least always use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damaging UV radiation or all your efforts on DIY facial spa treatments will simply be undone by overexposure to the sun.

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