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La Roche-Posay's Anthelios SX

Best SunscreenWithout a doubt the best sun protection product on the market is La Roche-Posay's Anthelios SX which has just recently been approved by the FDA.

This new, long lasting sunscreen product, Anthelios SX, was developed by L'Oreal.

What makes this sunscreen the best choice on the market?
Because Anthelios SX is the first sun filtering product that utilizes a combination of ingredients that serves to protect the skin from a broader spectrum of ultraviolet light.

As a long acting sun filtering product only a few applications during the course of the day are necessary.

In order to effective protect the skin from sun damage, every other sunscreen or sunblock product requires frequent reapplication throughout the day.

It is also the first sun protection product to be approved by the FDA in nearly two decades!

Why is this particular product the best sunscreen available?

Not only do these ingredients create a product that is much more stable which contributes to longer lasting sun filtering properties but they also provide protection from the broadest spectrum of UV rays than any other sunscreen on the market.
Think of the wrinkle prevention!

Think of the protection against age spots!

Think about the implications for reducing the risk of skin cancers!

Finally, a great sun protection product: Anthelios SX!

This product, without a doubt, a MUST HAVE for absolutely everyone!

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