Is this a Good Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream and Rejuvenation System

by Barbara

A Good Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Cream and  Skin Rejuvenation System

A Good Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Skin Rejuvenation System

My friend uses this anti aging anti wrinkle cream along with a complete rejuvenation system she bought at one of those skin care and facial parties.

It includes a small roller on a handle that kind of looks like a miniature paint roller but with lots of little needles along with anti-wrinkle creams to use with it that include retinol and peptides. She signed up to have a supply sent to her every month.

Have you heard of this anti-aging skin care routine?

Is it a good rejuvenation system?

Will it get rid of my wrinkles?

It costs about $350 for the initial kit and then there is the monthly fee to have the anti-wrinkle cream sent every month. Is it worth it?

Thanks for your help.


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My Rejuvenation System with an OTC Anti-Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream
by: Anonymous

Hi Barbara,

Very interesting! What this skin care line seems to be doing is combining the ancient art of "skin needling" with their own products which you have to purchase on a monthly basis.

However, you can achieve the same thing by purchasing your own Dermaroller and skin treatments with an effective concentration of active retinol and peptides. (I couldn't find any where on their site how much of the active anti-aging ingredients are included in their formulation of products. But they did state that they include retinol and peptides... just not which ones.) I'm always skeptical when companies promote products but are very vague about what is in them!

Here's some information on skin needling (also referred to as collagen induction therapy):
You can combine skin needling with your own products that include retinol and peptides. (Both ingredients are excellent choices by the way!)

I use the Afirm retinol line and have worked my skin up to tolerating the strongest percentage now:
If your skin isn't as sensitive as mine you might be able to use the Skinceutical retinol which has the strongest over the counter strength available at 1.0%. (It can be VERY irritating to the skin at first so be very, very careful).

There are lots of different peptide formulas, each claiming to be better than the next.

Frankly, I think any one of them with a hearty concentration of the active peptide included in the treatment produces very similar results.

But every skin type is different and responds differently so you might need to experiment a bit. I started using copper peptides but now use matrixyl in the 3% concentration from Dermajuv:
If you want to try the skin care system that you mentioned, then ask what the actual percentage of active ingredients is included in their treatments.

You at least want to get great results for that kind of $$...

Hope that helps!


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