Face Lift Exercise 

do facial yoga toning exercises really work?

Will facial exercise turn that old, sagging haggard look into one of striking beauty again?


Some Beauty Consultants, Dermatologists and Physicians who are experts in anti-aging skin care swear by the astounding success regarding the rejuvenating aspects of face lift exercise.

The opposing medical experts in the same community totally dismiss facial toning exercise as a complete waste of time and totally unnecessary since we all exercise our facial muscles sufficiently as a result of all the different expressions we contort our face into each and every day.

Clearly, research offers contradictory evidence concerning the effectiveness of facial exercise to firm sagging skin, reduce under eye bags and diminish wrinkles.

The benefits of facial lift exercise continues to be a controversial topic in the skin rejuvenation field.

The hypothesis regarding the benefits of facial yoga is based on fighting gravity.

The rationale on the benefits of face lift exercise is that it works to improve muscle tone in the face and could theoretically help with gravity-related sagging and fat loss. Building muscle in the face could potentially help tone, define and support the structure of the skin.

Though, most agree that if exercise is able to produce a face firming effect, any changes would likely be extremely subtle.






Unfortunately, as of this writing, there really aren't that many solid scientific clinical studies that provide evidence either pro or con regarding the benefits of facial toning exercise in order to achieve a non-surgical face lift.

A few small studies like one conducted by Northwestern University demonstrated that 30 minutes a day exercising the muscles in the face, tightened and lifted the cheek areas to promote a more youthful appearance. (Review study)

The exercises are said to enlarge and strengthen the facial muscles, so the face becomes firmer and more toned and shaped like a younger face.

There is evidence that face lift exercise can reduce the appearance of thick scars with a prescribed series of stretching and movement.  Specialized motions, exercise and massage can work to loosen-up, stretch, thin and lessen the appearance of a tight scar.   (Harvard Study)

The Rachel Raye Show conducted a face lift exercise experiment.

A section of the Rachel Raye show is dedicated to conducting real life human lab experiments for those concerned about their aging skin symptoms.

Each experiment features a volunteer right from her audience to explore a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments, techniques and strategies.

Under eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, turkey neck and eye puffiness are all targeted during these very interesting, sometimes hilarious, and enlightening experiments.

The volunteers in the audience test out a variety of anti-aging skin care treatments, techniques, and strategies along with home spa devises to determine which ones are the most effective.

The show has featured a variety of different face lift exercise programs through the years but this one is particularly interesting:
Face Lift Exercise Yoga

Although an oldie, this is a goodie. . .

This is the show which Rachel Ray featured this face exercise video that demonstrates how to give yourself a non-surgical face lift:

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