Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

A New iPhone Facial Exercise Video Demonstrates Just How Well Facial Toning Exercises Work!

So, do facial exercises really work?

Do Facial Exercises Really Work

A new and very unique iPhone facial exercise video application demonstrates how to give your facial muscles a remarkable work-out!

The iPhone application uses the five most effective facial toning exercises to firm, tone and ultimately provide a much more youthful appearance.

Gener Jones, the creator of *Five in 5* poses the question, "Do you remember what you looked like five years ago?"

Well, as you can guess, your face sure does!

The facial exercise routine provides the five most effective facial toning exercises that can be performed in just *five minutes* that will take *five years* off your face.   (That's where the *Five in 5* comes in. . .)

The muscles of the face are attached directly to the skin that covers them. This means that when you firm your facial muscles and skin attached to them firms up too.

The *Five in 5* is a comprehensive program that targets the forehead and upper face, the eyes and mid-face and the mouth, lower face, chin and neck.

These facial exercises specifically target droopy eyelids, laugh lines, sagging necks and much more.

Unlike other programs for facial exercises, you can easily complete this one just once a day.
So that brings us back to the original question:

"Do Facial Exercises Really Work to Make Aging, Sagging Skin Look Young Again?"

According to Gener Jones, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! The iPhone facial exercise video will keep you on track for getting that younger, firming looking skin.

It is recommended that for quicker results that you do the facial toning exercises workout twice a day. Your skin will glow and people will notice how refreshed, rested and younger you look.

Some people see immediate results. Your results may differ but you can be sure you'll notice a difference after five days a more dramatic result after one month.

Remember that as with any anti-aging technique or treatment, effects are cumulative.

The more consistently you do the facial toning exercise routine, the better your results.

By following along with the facial exercise video you can expect to:

  • Lift the eyebrow area
  • Firm and tone the mid-face
  • "Open up" the eye area
  • Smooth crows feet
  • Minimize eye bags and wrinkles
  • Tighten the jawline
  • Smooth smile lines
  • Firm the neck area

Think of it this way, just as you work-out other muscles in your body, resistance plus repetition tones and firms the muscles with one big exception.

Because the facial muscles are so small they are typically done faster than the other muscles in your body you may be used to working out.

You will see the proof of results as you continue your facial exercises by achieving a tauter, fitter, younger looking face and neck.

Anyone can do *Five in 5*!

Of course, you also need to start an anti-aging rejuvenation routine that will provide your skin with the care and nutrition that it needs to be healthy and fight the signs of aging.

Start with the basics. . .

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