Baby Soft Skin

by April

How to Get Baby Soft Skin

How to Get Baby Soft Skin

If you want baby soft skin, then you might want to read this. All you need to do is not use a lot of makeup because it clogs pores and gives your skin a rough look.

Try taking something abrasive to scrub the skin like oatmeal, salt, or sugar and mix it with a little citrus juice. Voila! A quick and easy facial scrub. Or buy one, whatever works for you.

That top layer of skin is really a collection of old, dead skin cells. A scrub or microdermabrasion will get rid of all that, leaving you with bright, fresh, baby soft skin. It feels great too!

It works perfectly to remove all those damaged, dull, flaky dead skin cells. You should try it, it actually works!

Sue's note:
How right you are April!

Facial scrubs are an essential component for any anti-aging skin care regimen.

Making your own rejuvenating facial scrubs is quick and easy too.

Here are some quick and easy recipes to try: Homemade Scrub Recipes.

Of course, there are a gazillion different scrubs you can purchase just about anywhere if you aren't interested in making your own.

Check out these recommended scrubs targeted for facial rejuvenation: Home Microdermabrasion Products and Scrubs

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Baby Soft Skin Tips
by: Jamie

Another way to keep your skin baby soft is to give yourself a facial mask or facial peel treatment once a week.

You don't even have to buy anything. Just mix up a mask or peel with natural ingredients that you already have.

I have dry skin so I use avocado, extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze from whatever citrus fruit I might have left over.

For a homemade facial peel, I use gelatin as an ingredient but I have heard that you can also use beeswax and such.

DIY facials keep my skin baby soft and looking great.

P.S. I have used many of the recipes on this site which work great and are easy to make!

Baby Soft Skin
by: Marta

Natural oils are a good choice, especially coconut oil and the natural nut oils. Of course, olive oil works just great too.

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