Skin Care Tips

The Basics from Wash to Wear

So, are there really wonderful and useful tips to be sure that you are taking full advantage of your facial rejuvenation options?

Of course!

Skin Care Tips

Are there strategies you can use to prepare your skin to be as receptive as possible for anti-aging skin care products?

You bet! 

These are very simple yet effective skin care tips that are really quite quick and easy to use in your own regimen.

You probably have a basic routine already, but when combined with the best techniques, strategies, and effective products, you'll get the best results from your efforts.

Simple strategies and techniques help the skin take full advantage of all your rejuvenating efforts.

The foundation for your effective skin rejuvenation regimen:

  • Be proactive in your anti-aging facial skin care rejuvenation strategy.

  • Be dedicated to your chosen routine.

  • At a minimum, stick with the basic facial skin care routine for at least 3 to 6 months.

  • Be informed when incorporating anti-aging products by selecting active ingredients
    that have been clinically proven to be effective in skin rejuvenation.

  • And most of all, be realistic! Results are gradual and will take time.

Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin Health



Using warm, (not hot), water and a mild cleanser gently wash your face, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Soaps of any sort should not be used on the face as they can be too harsh, drying out the skin and clog pores.

A soy-based cleanser is a good choice for all skin types.

Gently pat skin dry or allow the moisture to evaporate naturally.

Remember that sensitive, dry or normal skin types can skip the morning cleansing step. A once-a-day thorough cleansing is more than sufficient for these skin types. If cleansing just once a day, the evening is the most productive time so that any make-up, sweat and dirt accumulated on the skin throughout the day is washed away.

Simply begin the morning's facial skin care routine with a quick rinse with warm water, then use a vitamin rich toner.

Bear in mind that here is simply no need to purchase a cleansing product that includes an active anti-aging ingredient since it is rinsed off and will go down the drain anyways.

If any residue of the product remains, it will have a negligible effect at best, so include the skin rejuvenation treatments in your skin regimen where they will have the most impact.

If you just can't help yourself, try a cleanser from the Olay Regenerist Series with microbeads which will offer a gentle exfoliation in addition to cleansing.

Preparing the skin properly to maximize the absorption of anti-aging products is one of the more important skin care tips and a critical strategy to include in your facial rejuvenation routine.

Warm, moist skin is an ideal environment to create prior to the application of any facial skin care product. Make sure that the skin is at its most receptive by holding a face cloth that has been soaked in warm water to your face for a few minutes prior to applying any products.

The remaining moisture left on the skin will help to dissolve and distribute the moisturizer evenly over the entire surface of the skin.


Dampen a cotton pad and wipe gently all over your face to remove the last traces of cleanser and any dirt or debris remaining on the skin.

This step will help to close the pores and to enrich the skin with an active anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment.

There are many different forms of toners, many of which include active anti-aging ingredients in the form of an antioxidant such as CoQ-10, Vitamins A, C Toner or an exfoliant like a BHA or AHA Toner. Either of which would be an excellent strategy to incorporate into your facial skin care regime depending on your skin type.

Sensitive and dry skin types would benefit most from a toner that includes an antioxidant while an exfoliant would be extremely beneficial for the more oily skin types.


Apply your selected AM or PM moisturizer with an effective active anti-aging ingredient to warm, moist skin in a circular upward motion making sure to avoid the immediate eye area.

Did you know that warm, moist skin allows the moisturizing treatment to be absorbed efficiently?

It's true!

Moisturizing helps to retain and seal in the skin's natural moisture as well as to provide a vehicle to introduce an anti-aging treatment to provide the skin with the resources it needs to stimulate and reinforce rejuvenation.

Stimulating the skin, another of the skin care tips, maximizes the absorption of the anti-aging treatments.  

Do this by gently tapping the surface of the skin with your fingertips for a few moments.

Simply pretending that you are softly playing complex cords on a piano with your fingertips as they tap against your face.  This stimulating action encourages the skin's ability to absorb the moisturizer.


Apply a SFP 15 or more sunscreen with UVA and UVB sun block protection to face and neck. Remember to use a sunscreen product for your lips too!  Re-apply throughout the day as needed, especially when your skin is subjected to prolonged sun exposure.

It can be helpful to select a product with both an anti-aging treatment and sunscreen component such as RoC Age Diminishing Moisturizer SPF 15.

It is critical to protect the skin from sun exposure in order to prevent further damage as well as to allow the skin the opportunity to regenerate itself.

This is an essential element of any skin rejuvenation plan. Of all the skin care tips, this is a critically important one!

Many of the anti-aging treatments will actually accelerate sun damage.   Product that are formulated with a Vitamin A, Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Beta Hydroxy Acid component increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun causing the skin to attract and absorb damaging UV rays. 

While using these types of treatments, it is best to also wear a hat that can protect your face while outdoors.

Adopting these aging skin care tips into your lifestyle Will also work to improve your overall health.

There is a huge array of excellent potential active anti-aging ingredients to be found in skin rejuvenation moisturizing treatments. The e-Learning Knowledge Module on anti-aging treatments describes these active ingredients in-depth.

Start with the basics. . .

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