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Facial Exercise
Making Old Faces Young. . .
The Natural Way

Facial Exercise 1 Making one's face look younger is everyone's dream. There are people who resort to different methods - even the most expensive ones - just so they'd get that "look young, feel young" atmosphere.

But to those who can barely afford it, the "attempt" is considered a vice. Most of the time, you'd hear from these people the line, "Why would you interfere with nature's course?"

But those who want to preserve the youth as they add up years would say, "Why not age with grace?"

Yes, why ever not?

You may think it is too late to do so especially if you had too much sun when you were younger.

Most of the time, it is the reason why people acquire the old-age look (even before they get to that stage) since the body was not well taken cared of.

The tell-tale signs of old age are the sunken hollows of the cheeks and around the eyes, sagging of the chin, wrinkles on the forehead, the "rumpled" and the total haggard look.

But there is always hope!

The moment you realize you need to take care of your health is never too late a time to do so- whether you are 30 or 60.

How Facial Exercise can be an effective strategy in improving sagging skin:

It's been proven that rejuvenation of the face through friction and massage are the best ways to look young and feel young. Realize that the main reason your facial muscles sag is lack of muscular and facial exercise.

Like any other muscle of the body, constant facial exercise can make these facial muscles expand and develop, effectively removing the sagging look.
Wrinkled skin, on the other hand, has been proven to be made elastic again through regular application of friction. This does not only apply to women who are known to be more concerned about their appearance but for the men as well.
How is applying friction on the skin done?
Facial Exercise 2With the help of a tiny bit of lotion to minimize irritation work start on the areas which normally result to sagging, such as the cheeks, the throat, the chin, the forehead and around the eyes.

Massage just like you are polishing a pair of shoes: with a slight, circular friction on the surface areas.

Gradually increase the pressure but not too vigorously that you will end up abrading and irritating your face.

To exercise your facial muscles, use your palm heel. With enough pressure, massage your cheeks and other parts of the face in circular motion. Do this also on the chin and throat.

Make sure you apply equal amount of pressure to the entire face so that the build up of muscles will be uniform. Do these facial exercises a few minutes everyday- even while you are watching the TV and you will soon see the "miracle" of a younger looking you.

Skin Care Tip

Gently massage your face daily for healthier and younger looking skin.

It's Naturally Skinsational!
Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes

The process of looking older does not have to be as fast as it is now. With the right determination, and knowing the proper techniques, you can almost stop the advance of the "aged" look, no matter that your actual age is unstoppably moving ahead. It's been proven possible and there's no reason you can't achieve the same.

Author: The writer, Ismael D. Tabije, is the editor of the book, "The Man Who Grew Younger: Secrets to Fitness and Beauty for the Middle Aged and Beyond". The book has complete descriptions and illustrations showing unique but proven effective exercises and can be accessed at Grow Younger., inc.

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