Wrinkles Under My Eyes at 27

Really Bad Wrinkles Under My Eyes!

Really Bad Wrinkles Under My Eyes!

I am 27 years old and I had a baby 2months ago.

I just noticed that I have some really nasty wrinkles under my eyes that look horrible when I smile. They are really "very deep ones".

I haven't been sleeping and I am also dehydrated.

I also have a lack of iron and other vitamins since I didn't take a prenatal.

So my question is are these wrinkles unser my eyes permanent or are they going away once I get my body back in shape?

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Under Eye Wrinkles
by: Erin

Me Too!

My skin was a blotchy mess after I had my baby! Under eye wrinkles, dark circles, bags, splotches every where. . . it was embarrassing.

Once I started to eat well, get some sleep (my husband is great about helping with the baby during the night), and exercise along with a weekly DIY microderm and facial mask treatment I'm looking myself again. FINALLY.

My advice is to take a few minutes everyday for "YOU" time and take care of yourself! You'll be looking like yourself again in no time.


Under Eye Wrinkles
by: Sue

Oh my! It sounds like you are overwhelmed and beside yourself.

Don't worry... with a little TLC you can look yourself again!


You need to take care of yourself.

It's only been two months since you've had your baby. Your body has gone through tremendous changes in the past year. You really need to focus on your health.

Go buy yourself some multi-vitamins, start making yourself eat healthy, carry around a bottle of water wherever you go so you can keep yourself properly hydrated, and try to get enough sleep. (That is difficult with a newborn but you can take catnaps while the baby is sleeping.)

When you are taking a nap, place a cloth with a few ice cubes wrapped in it under your eyes. (If you feel extra ambitious, make the ice cubes out of a very strong batch of green tea!) That will help with the swelling and sooth the eye are as well as provide moisture.

Use an under eye serum to keep the area moisturized. (Dermajuv makes one that has Matrixyl and Eyeliss which will help diminish those wrinkles).

Find a few minutes every day to pamper yourself and take care of you skin (and overall health).

With just a little effort each day, you will soon begin to see big improvements.

Hey, congratulations on the birth of your baby!


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