Use DMAE Serum or DMAE Face Cream to Firm Sagging Skin

by Lu

Firm Sagging Skin

Firm Sagging Skin

By now everyone on the planet knows that DMAE serum or DMAE face cream works to firm sagging skin within a month or so. Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Perricone attest to the benefits of including a topical DMAE treatment in your anti-aging skin care routine.


Because it works!

I've used DMAE for years along with a strong hylauronic acid and have gotten great results. Even though I have dry, sensitive, mature skin neither product is irritating or has any side effects that some other treatments can produce.

It was gratifying to see the Dr. Oz show this week to confirm for me that I have chosen the best anti-aging ingredients possible that work the best in keeping my skin as young and as healthy looking as possible.

Just wanted to share my experience so you all know that DMAE skin care products are well worth it to include them in your skin care routines.


P.S. LOVE this site by the way!!

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YES! Use DMAE to Tighten and Firm Skin
by: Sue

Why thanks Lu!

The easiest way to explain the difference between a moisturizing cream and a serum is the depth of the penetration and purpose of the treatment.

Serums tend to be lightweight, have smaller molecules to penetrate and deliver nutrients deeply through many layers of skin and are fast absorbing. Serums nourish while moisturizers are designed first and foremost, to hydrate.

Moisturizers tend to have larger molecules to hydrate the topical layers of skin while imparting nutrients.

When layering different rejuvenation ingredients, its best to apply the serum prior and let it absorb into the skin prior to moisturizing. A night time application is preferred since your skin works hardest during sleep to regenerate, and repair cellular damage.

So to answer the crux of your question. . . it depends!

Some use both a serum and moisturizer as part of their regimen; others simply use one or the other depending on their skin type and aging symptoms.

I have used DMAE face cream for years too! And I love the results. It's a particularly wonderful treatment for dry, sensitive skin as well.

Here are more details on DMAE products:
DMAE Face Cream (Dr. Perricone Video explains the skin firming properties)

You might also fine this page discussing DMAE helpful as well:
DMAE Skin Care Products and The Rejuvenating Properties of DMAE

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