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Uneven and Ruddy Skin Tone

by Daniella
(Malaysia )

Uneven and Ruddy Skin Tone

Uneven and Ruddy Skin Tone

I have an uneven and ruddy skin tone. I am Asian with tan colored skin. A little lighter than the colour of chocolate and a little more yellow.

I'm currently suffering from extremely uneven and ruddy skin tone. My skin is dark above my upper lip which looks like an ugly moustache. It is also dark where my eye bags are and in spots on my forehead.

I also have slight discolored patches on my cheeks. Overall, parts of my skin is lighter with darker colours here and there.

Because my upper lip is really dark it emphasizes everything else and makes it all look worst. I have to either apply nude lip liner to my upper lip or foundation on my face to just make the skin tone look even and okay.

My current face regimen is working well for the texture of my skin but not as well for the ruddy skin tone that I have.

My face wash is so light an amazing and its been doing simply wonders for my skin. It is called the Purifying Neem Face Wash by Himalaya. I have combination skin and the face wash gives it the right glow.

Moisturizing has always been a problem area for me. I've tried so many different products that I wonder if that has contributed to the cause of my troubled skin tone.

For now I have been sticking to Cliniques gel face lotion for combination skin which is still slightly oily for my skin. Toner has also been important to my skin, and
I think it is important for people to choose the right one for their particular skin type.

During night times I have been using Kiehls Blue Herbal Lotion which is meant to mattify my skin and reduce the pores. I have to say my face looks horrible when putting on the lotion. It seems to brings out my uneven skin tone so much and highlight the dark areas of my skin which brings out my "moustache" and eyebags. But on the other hand, it feels really soothing and good on my sensitive skin and I like the long term effect of it after washing my face in the morning and seeing that my pores actually minimized.

I eat alot of fruits, drink lots of water but I still haven't found a way to help my uneven and ruddy skin tone.

If you could help me, I'd be so very much pleased.

Oh, and if anyone else has a problem with covering up their uneven skin tone in a healthy way I'd really like to hear your recommendations!

I think a proper foundation should hydrate your skin, protect you from the sun, and slightly even out your skin tone. It should act as a primer and leave a comfortable glaze on your skin without clogging pores and give your skin some nutritional benefits.

I usually apply make up after I put on the concealer foundation. I still want to see what options there are that will even out the skin tone Asian skin.

Please do help!

Thanks so much. . .

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