Under Eye Bags

by Margaret

Big, Ugly Under Eye Bags

Big, Ugly Under Eye Bags

I have and always have had, large bags under my eyes.

I would love to find a PROVEN product that will help minimize these bags.

Does anyone have any recomendations for me so I can get rid of my under eye bags?

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Puffy Under Eye Bags
by: Sue

The September 2009 Skinsational News reveals how to check all that extra under eye baggage:
How to Get Rid of the Under Eye Bag Lady Look

under eye
by: Anonymous

I use the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Face Treatment - I only use a few drops at a time, around my sensitive eyes.

I put a few dabs along my lower lid and then gently rub them into the area. The lotion stays put, and doesn't get into my eyes. It also doesn't have any fumes or aromas to make my eyes water. I'm the one whose eyes will tear if our cat wanders next to me and rubs my shoulder, so my eyes are generally rather sensitive.

When I wake up in the morning, my eyes look so refreshed!! I recommend it for women with sensitive skin who are looking for fresher and younger eyes.

Puffy Under Eye Bags
by: Vera

Try Preparation H along with cold compresses. I use frozen tea bags because the tannin in tea is suppose to help the under eye area in particular.

I've also heard that potatoes have an enzyme which is helpful to reduce swelling when placed under the eye.

Getting Rid of Under Eye Bags
by: E.J.

Have you tried Eyeliss yet? There are many promising reports about this product which is specifically formulated to reduce puffy under eye bags.

Treatments for Under Eye Bags
by: Charlotte

I found this when searching online which I thought you might find helpful:

"A chronic or ongoing long term problem with puffy eyes is called blepharitis and is defined as inflammation of the margins or corners of the eyes and eyelids. This diagnosis is made by a physician and should be treated as recommended by your doctor."

For puffy under eyes I have found that products with a firming and skin toning agent work well to help reduce the puffiness.

Puffy Under Eye Bags
by: Annie

Aren't they just awful? I hate the puffy under eye bags I've had most of my adult life!

I feel like an old hag. I have these huge, puffy dark circles all the time. My Doctor says that they are hereditary and there isn't much that I can do about them other than exploring surgical options.

Then I went to a cosmetology Doctor, he recommended trying laser treatments. (I haven't done this yet but do intend to give this a try down the road).

In the meantime I am trying other options that I have read about when researching remedies online.

I ice under my eyes everyday to help reduce the swelling. I have also been using Preparation H to help reduce the swelling as well. (Along with the ice, that kind of works which was actually a surprise to me.)

I have also been sleeping with an extra pillow under my head to elevate it so the fluid that collects under the eye can drain away.

Vitamin K reduces bruising but seems to take a very long time to work. (I'm impatient I guess. I want them to go away right now!)

It's not a perfect remedy but it has been helping quite a bit and I am seeing a difference.

The laser treatment will be next on the list!

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