Skin Care Brush

by Yaniza
(New Mexico)

Skin Care Brush

Skin Care Brush

What is a skin care brush and what does it do? Has anyone ever tried one? I've used the microdermabrasion system that has a motorized spinning brush to scrub away all the flaky skin but I can't figure out what a skin care brush would do that is any better or different.

I do have to say that one of the best all times best beauty tip that I have learned is to take good care of your skin at all times. It makes such a huge difference in your appearance.

Don't get lazy or be cheap! Buy good products and establish a routine that will keep your skin well taken care of at all times.

I've been using the step-by-step skin care routine that I found on this site last year and, boy, does my skin look wonderful!

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Many Uses for Skin Care Brushes
by: Franklin

There are several brands and types of skin care brushes. Some people use a skin care brush to remove the moisture of their skin while others use it to apply makeup. They also removes dirt and dead skin cells making your skin cleaner, healthier, brighter and very smooth.

Alternative to a Skin Care Brush: Motorized Tooth Brush
by: Anonymous

When I first started cleaning my face using a brush, I used a motorized tooth brush, the Oral B. I simply ran lightly over my face which was covered with a facial scrub.

It was effective in removing most of the dead skin and massaging my face!

However, I decided to purchase the so-called home-spa microdermabrasion for more effective results. When it arrived my face was almost ( 90% ) cleaned and as such there was little improvement when I first used microdermabrasion (diamond tip).

I believe there is no need to purchase an expensive tool microdermabrasion tool. You can accomplish the same thing using a manual approach or a motorized tooth brush. They are as effective as microdermabrasion tool.

Skin Care Brush Stimulates the Skin
by: Aliza

A skin care brush helps to loosen the old dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the skin. It also helps to stimulate circulation which in turn helps the skin to keep a nice healthy glow.

A microdermabrasion spa kit can accomplish the same thing along with a deeper exfoliation so I would recommend that- especially for aging skin.

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