Pimples, Oily Skin, Having Bright Clear Clean Skin

by Michelle Nelson

I want to know how to get rid of pimples that occur every other day. I have oily skin.

I want to know how can I control the oil in my skin, (I have dark skin.)

Lastly, I wanted to know about a natural basic cleanser I could use on my face for oily type skin.

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Get Rid of Pimples
by: Kaitlyn

My face used to break out. Not bad, but just here and there.

My Dad went down to the chemist for me and the employee recommended using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, or Oily Cleanser (either one) and Benzac 2.5%. She said in 3 days, if it made a difference I should continue using this routine or increase the Benzac to 5%.

I have been using this for a year, and I have got so much confidence now.
I hope this helps.

Keeping Skin Bright and Clear
by: Sal


I have very oily skin too. I use a scrub with micro beads every other day then apply a 15% glycolic acid. I also use a moisturizer with retinol at 1%. These are all very strong but my skin tolerates them well and they do work great at preventing outbreaks as well as reducing the oiliness of my skin.

This regimen also works to reduce pore size as well!

During the day I also keep some toner wipes with me to use when I need to. That keeps the skin cleaner and controls the oil.

Hope it works for you too!


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