Hyperpigmentation Problems

by Cynthia Chai
(Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)

Hyperpigmentation Problems

Hyperpigmentation Problems

Hi Sue,

I have hyperpigmentation problems. But first I want to thank you so much that I have been able to extract some useful recipe for skincare in your blog. Well, at least I was able to try and recipes prepare in my kitchen at home and applied it on my face.

I have been suffering from skin hyperpigmentation for quite a number of years due to my hormonal changes or whatever reasons that I am not aware of. It has been for many years now that I have been hunting for a solution to eliminate this uneven color on my skin but unsuccessful.

I have also spent a bomb on facial products that promise to brighten skin but somehow it was just a big disappointment. However, I am trying now on your natural fruit and vegetables concoction for hyperpigmentation and hopefully it works magic.

I have prepared for myself a mixture of apple cider vinegar with cucumber juice as toner. As for facial peeling mask, I have tried gelatin, orange and lemon which is great. Except that the quantity is a bit too much and it doesn't keep. I guess I will have to reduce the quantity in future to make just enough for my face!

Anyway, if there is any helpful hint on elimination of hyperpigmentation, do keep me posted... cause I am really desperate!!

Thanks Sue

Warmest regards

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About Hyperpigmentation
by: Meg


Hi! I've struggled with terrible hyperpigmentation issues since my last pregnancy with my daughter. Huge splotches of my facial skin gradually turned a mottled brownish color.

I wanted to respond to your concern about your hyperpigmentation issues because sometimes there is a medical reason why your skin changes so radically. One of those reasons is a dramatic change in hormones. (Whether from a pregnancy, menopause or other medical condition.)

Here is a link to WikiPedia which provides some basic information on hyperpigmentation and the various causes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperpigmentation

It might be helpful is you checked in with your Doctor to be sure that your hyperpigmentation isn't a result of a medical issue.

All The Best!


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