Galvanic Facial Spa Devise and AgeLoc Treatments

by Rika
(South Africa)

Galvanic Facial Spa Devise and AgeLoc Treatments

Galvanic Facial Spa Devise and AgeLoc Treatments

I really wanted to get the Galvanic Spa II and the other NuSkin products but find that they are quite expensive. What other treatments would you recommend that are also available in South Africa? Thanks.

Hi Rika,

I agree Rika. The galvanic spa is expensive as are most of the NuSkin anti-aging skin care the products. I happen to love the galvanic spa and have found that the AgeLoc Anti-aging treatments are well worth the price since the provide such wonderful results.

However, to keep the expense lower, I cheat a little bit with the galvanic spa serums. I only use half of the treatments at a time. I find that is plenty. Then they last twice as long! (It's like getting 50% off.)

Did you know that you can save a signficant amount of money when you purchase the galvanic spa if you sign-up as a NuSkin distributor? (Click the "Discover the Advantage" link to learn more.)

That's what I did. And to be perfectly honest, I'm so glad I did since so many friends and colleagues have purchased their own, I have been making some very handsome commissions as a result. . . :-)

But moving right along. . .

My second current favorite spa devise is the Clarisonic Opal Beauty Tool for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. I use it twice a day and love the results.

The last critical rejuvenating spa treatment I would recommend is Home Microdermabrasion Treatments. Rather than buying a "system" or your own machine (which are fabulous by the way and well worth the investment), a good dermabrasion scrub with micro crystals works just fine.

Hope that helps.


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