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give the ultimate gift of love!
~ The Ageless Present ~

It's a FREE downloadable gift certificate that you customize with a fabulous gift of spa, beauty treatments or a decadent pampering retreat.


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It's the perfect and easiest way to give "The Ageless Present", the gift of rejuvenation!

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Once you download the "The Ageless Present" gift certificate, you personalize it with a wonderfully unexpected and thoughtful gift.

Why is this gift certificate named "The Ageless Present"?

"The Ageless Present" is the perfect oxymoron to celebrate any occasion while achieving a more youthful, beautiful, and healthy sense of agelessness.

And best of all. . .

it's free!

It's my way of saying thank you to all the visitors who help to support this site.

A big, hearty thank you to you all!

The rest is entirely up to you. . .

Turn on those creative juices and think of a thoughtful or clever gift to give your beloved or best friend!

Think deep now. . .
"The Ageless Present" is a FREE down loadable gift certificate that you personalize with the most thoughtful, heartfelt gift your intended recipient has ever received!

I like to think of it as a homage to the theme of this site, rejuvenation and the ultimate in gift giving. . .

"The Ageless Present"

it's a gift that fits any occasion no matter how big or how small. . .
or for no occasion at all!


Click Here to Download Your Gift Certificate


  • File download includes 1 pdf page featuring 2 certificates, 4X6 size.  
  • Print on heavy card stock or postcard paper from your nearest stationary store. 
  • You can also use an online or local photo printing service. 

Do you need a little jump start in the idea department?

Not to worry, I got you covered.  We all need a little prodding now and then to get those creative juices flowing.

How about. . .


A mystery adventure!

Here's how it would work:
Fill out the gift certificate simply using the words, "Mystery Adventure".   

Tell your intended or bestie to be ready and packed to go on a certain date and time for a day trip or overnight. 

Bundle your beloved into the car at the appointed time and drive away to the nearest big city or to the airport to fly off for a luxurious and pampering weekend spa retreat as your mystery destination.

More brilliant gift certificate ideas


Romantic Evening Facial Treat

Stock up on the champagne and candles while you whip up a little magic with a favorite natural skin care facial recipe and have your special companion enjoy a decadent home spa facial rejuvenation treatment given by yours truly. (It's just so darn thoughtful, sweet, and ever so romantic that you'll be walking on water in no time!)


A Facial Fiesta Party

Get the whole gang together, pop the bubbly, rev' up that chocolate fountain and slather away! Dipping, sipping and chocolate facial massaging encouraged. Facial rejuvenation just doesn't get much better than that! Yum! It's a sure home run with even the most elusive of friends!


A Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Is the favorite luxurious indulgence a microdermabrasion, peel, or mask?

Give your intended a professional facial rejuvenation spa treatment or better yet, do it yourself!  You will be too wonderful for words!


A Skin Analysis with Makeover

Makeovers are just so much fun!

Throw in a contribution for a new anti-aging treatment or "must have" revolutionary new make-up recommended by your favorite spa esthetician and you've got a sure winner!


Pedicure, Manicure, or Massage

There is nothing like a beauty-filled, relaxing (and, occasionally, necessary) hour of "me" time. The feeling of knowing you look good provides such a better and refreshing overall outlook.

Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that refreshes and renews the spirit like nothing else can.

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