Easy Skin Care

by Deidre

The Steps in an Easy Skin Care Routine

The Steps in an Easy Skin Care Routine

What would you say is an easy skin care regimen that is also very effective in reducing wrinkles and age spots? I don't have much time and to be honest I'm not a fan of using a million different skin care products just in hopes that they work.

But I would like my skin to look fresher and younger.

I've read here that retinol and glycolic acid are the two best ingredients for aging skin. But it also sounds like there are many other anti-aging ingredients that would be necessary as well.

I guess I get confused and just would like a very simple yet effective regime that will make me look good.



Sue’s Note:

Hi Deidre,

Welcome to the forum! It can be downright confusing and frustrating figuring out what will be the most effective skin care regime. We'd all love a crystal ball to share those secrets with us! That's the reason this website was created. To share as many simple skin care secrets as we could uncover.

Did you happen to see the sample skin rejuvenation regimens we have on the site? From a basic routine to a comprehensive skin care routine, there is something for everyone's needs.

Start off simple with a Basic Skin Care Routine, then slowly add different treatments and then a few rejuvenating strategies such as a weekly facial steam, skin mask, or home microdermabrasion treatment when you have time.

Remember to give your new routine a few months before you start looking to see significant changes. It does take patience, commitment, and time. Though well worth it when you begin to see the benefits!

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Easy Skin Care
by: Deb

The best thing you can do for your skin is to wear sunscreen every day, eat healthy and exercise.

Easy Skin Care
by: Sasha

Just be sure to include a product that contains vitamin A (retinol) and you'll be off to a good start.

Easy Skin Care Regime
by: Val

Don't make it more complicated than you need to. Just a few good anti-aging skin care products, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and drink lots of water will make your skin glow in no time.

There are several great easy skin care regimes on this site that also include recommended products for each step. Start with one of those and just add a product here and there.

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