Easy Pumpkin Recipes for DIY Chemical Face Peel

by Tanya

Easy Pumpkin Recipes for DIY Chemical Face Peel

Easy Pumpkin Recipes for DIY Chemical Face Peel

You can adapt these easy pumpkin recipes for a fabulous rejuvenating DIY enzyme chemical face peel or an enriching facial moisturizing mask which can easily be tailored to your specific skin type.

Pumpkin is jammed-packed with powerful antioxidants carotene, vitamins A and C as well as fruit enzymes, and folic acid. These potent properties work to not only restore your skin health by exfoliating away dead skin cells, but by working to reduce free radical activity which destroy healthy cells thereby stimulating skin cell turnover and collagen production resulting in rapid tissue repair. Pumpkin peels and masks are also used to diminish age spots, even out skin tone, improve skin texture and for skin firming attributes.

You really get a lot of bang for the effort you put into making your own facial recipes! (Not to mention the significant savings as well.)

Here’s the basic pumpkin facial recipe:

  • 1 cup pureed freshly cooked pumpkin. While using fresh products is always best when making your own skin care recipes, you can also use canned pumpkin.

  • 1/4 plain yogurt

Whip these 2 ingredients together using a blender, food processor, mixer or even a whisk until smooth.

Now that you have the basic recipe made, which can be frozen at this point for future use, you can begin adapting it to make your own basic enzyme chemical face peel by whipping in 1 egg white. For an enriching facial mask mix in 1 egg yolk.

To customize the pumpkin peel, dry skin types can add a tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of either coconut or extra virgin olive oil. Oily skin types will want to add a fruit acid like 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed juice from a lemon, lime or orange.

Apply the peel or moisturizing mask to warm, moist skin for 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water using a small circular motion to massage the face with a soft face cloth or facial brush.

You can even use any leftover pumpkin mixture to create a facial scrub by adding some coarse sea salt, oatmeal, or ground almonds.

It's so easy and such a great way to rejuvenate your skin!


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