Dr Mehemet Oz Show on the Benefits of DMAE

by Trace

The Benefits of DMAE to Firm Sagging Skin

The Benefits of DMAE to Firm Sagging Skin

Did you see Dr Mehemet Oz Show on the Benefits of DMAE to firm sagging skin this week? Along with Dr.Perricone, both agree that within a month of using a topical DMAE for skin that you will see very noticeable results.

Dr. Oz even had a before and after clearly demonstrating the benefits of DMAE face cream. It was simply amazing! Both Doctors agree that having DMAE as an active anti-aging ingredient in a rejuvenation regimen is a great way to get lasting results.

So my question is, what is a good DMAE face cream or DMAE serum to invest in? (The Dr. Perricone options are very, very expensive.)

What are you using?

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Feb 13, 2011
Dr. Oz on the Benefits of DMAE
by: Sue

Hi Trace,

I have to tell you that since the Dr. Oz show discussing the benefits of DMAE to tighten and firm sagging skin, I've had a flood of questions.

So, I created a web page with a video featuring Dr. Perricone explaining the properties of DMAE face cream and how it works to firm skin.

DMAE Face Cream
(Dr. Perricone Video explains the skin firming properties)

You might also fine this page discussing DMAE helpful as well:
DMAE Skin Care Products and The Rejuvenating Properties of DMAE

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