Do It Yourself Skin Rejuvenation Systems

by Darlene

Do It Yourself Skin Rejuvenation Systems

Do It Yourself Skin Rejuvenation Systems


Thank you for this opportunity. I'm curious about do-it-yourself skin rejuvenation systems.

Will we in Canada be given the opportunity to purchase an at home Tripollar Facial?

Such a device called STOPtm tripollar facial device has been available in selective department stores in Britain, France and other European countries for consumers since the Fall of 2008.

The company responsible for this plus many other innovative DIY skin rejuvenation systems and anti-aging facial devices is Called WIN and the STOPtm was created by Ultragen Ltd.

What are the best at home beauty devices?

Thank you so much,


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DIY Skin Rejuvenation Systems
by: Sue

Hi Darlene,

After years of experimenting with goodness knows how many different spa devises and DIY skin rejuvenation systems my current top three personal favorites are:

    1. Galvanic Spa Facial Treatment Device
    2. Dermaroller a.k.a. Skin Needling Device
    3. IPL Photorejuvenation Home Laser

I use each one at least once a week and am quite please with the results. . .

Of course, I also use my microdermabrasion hand-held rotating brush weekly as well but I didn't count that since you can always use a microdermabrasion scrub.


P.S. I am definitely a "Home Spa Gadget Gal"! I do so love the spa facial toys...


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