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Anti-Aging Facial Exercise

by Thaio

Yoga Exercises for Face

Yoga Exercises for Face

I happen to be a huge fan of anti-aging facial exercise. Though, I will point out that many people wonder if really doing yoga exercises for face can really make a difference.

A question I'm frequently asked when discussing strategies to firm sagging skin is simply, "Do facial exercises really work?"

Actually, to be perfectly honest, this particular anti-aging skin care strategy continues to be quite controversial, though I really don't see why.

One school of thought embraces a regime of facial exercise as the be all and end all to firming sagging facial skin while the opposing school of thought maintains that the facial muscles are exercised sufficiently by our regular expressions that we use every day.

Then to make matters even more confusing, an entire other school of thought maintains that facial exercising actually works to enhance wrinkles!

Yikes. . .

So what do you do? GO FOR IT of course!

As a spa tech for over ten years, I can attest that those clients who regularly practice anti-aging facial exercise with just a few yoga techniques truly experience wonderful results.

Here's a good video that explains how and, more importantly, why yoga exercises for face works so well:

But, of course, it's up to you. Facial exercises is yet another strategy in your anti-aging skin care tool kit!

More info.: Facial Exercise ~ Do I or Don't I?

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