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A Botox Alternative for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

by Natasha

What is a Botox Alternative for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

What is a Botox Alternative for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Is there a Botox alternative for fine lines and wrinkles? To be honest, the thought of having a form of botulism injected into me is just downright scary. But the reality is that the older I get, the more wrinkles I have developing and the deeper they become.

I have read a lot on Botox, especially about the side effects. I'd much rather deal with the fine lines and wrinkles than with droopy eyelids, problems swallowing and all the other reactions that are reported.

Plus, they say that the effects only lasts about 3 months or so then you have to keep getting injections to maintain a wrinkle free look.

So do you have any suggestions?

What can I use that will work to get rid of all these wrinkles that I have accumulating on my poor aging face?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Knowing if there are some alternatives to Botox would be the very best beauty tip ever!



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Alternatives to Botox
by: Federic

Botox is now popular and this treatment method is now even preferred by youngsters. It is painful treatment but at the same time will give quick results. But there are many side effects for botox and we need to aware about that. Non-invasive options like this seem like a good bet.

Botox? No way!
by: Audrey Reynolds

Botox works no doubt. But it's expensive. And the downside of your face freezing up and won't have any expressions (no problem for ham actresses in Hollywood) and that it's short-term (3 months) and then shorter thereafter as your system gets tolerance and becomes immune to the toxin.

If you are quite young, exfoliation and natural moisturizing works. This is now my current regimen -- loofah in pure coconut oil bar.

For my friends of advanced age with deeper wrinkles, they do chemical peels once every two months which they can extend if they follow up with exfoliation and natural moisturizing (yup, my regimen).

Botox is Expensive
by: Anonymous

Hi! Personally, I don't encourage myself and other people to undergo botox. I think that it's too costly to remedy wrinkles. You can actually use anti-wrinkle creams or essential oils-containing anti-aging ingredients. Unless you're a celebrity and you have to show a perfect face, then you can go for botox.

Argireline works as a Botox Alternative
by: Sue

Hi Natasha,

The anti-aging ingredient Argireline is regarded as an over-the-counter alternative to Botox.

You can read how argireline produces similar (albeit not as drastic or dramatic results but more natural- that's for sure) as Botox on the comparision we researched on this page:
A More Natural Alternative to Botox

Special Note: While supplies last, there is a special offer for a free trial of the Instant Face Lift (though you do need to pay for shipping...), which includes argireline along with several other active anti-aging ingredients to help boost collagen levels and reduce wrinkles. Here's the link for that offer:
"The Instant Face Lift"

Let us know what you think!


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