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Homemade Skin Care
Recipes for Natural Moisturizing Treatments

Homemade Skin Care
To "moisturize" by definition literally means to add moisture with he simplest form of moisture is of course water.
Moisturizing treatments made with your homemade skin care recipes using all natural, organic ingredients is an extremely effective way to rejuvenate aging skin.

Skin that is kept well moisturized has a healthy glow while remaining soft, supple and younger looking.

Hydrated skin slows the signs of aging; much more so than skin that is not well cared for.   It's vital to keep your skin well hydrated, inside and out.

Maintaining hydrated, well moisturized skin goes a long way in preventing the skin from drying and chapping which believe it or not slows the aging process. The most obvious strategy in maintaining hydrated skin starts from the inside out.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day helps the skin preserve a necessary moisture balance

Just think of it this way; a grape is smooth and plump with nice, taut skin but if it is deprived of moisture it will dry out and shrivel up into an extremely wrinkled and dried out husk.

Who wants to look like a shriveled out husk?

Aren't you more motivated now to begin taking better care of your skin now?  Younger skin is much more resilient and typically needs less aid in retaining moisture and nourishment than older skin.

Although, all skin types benefit from moisturizing in order to seal in moisture as well as to condition the skin. Aging skin especially reaps the rewards from the additional nourishment that rejuvenating homemade skin care treatments can provide.

Homemade Skin Care 3Natural moisturizing treatments, especially for aging skin, commonly include natural oils, honey or aloe vera. 

Citrus, roses, herbs and dairy are also common skin conditioning  ingredients.

For example, citrus juice offers additional conditioning and rejuvenation properties as well as aides in preventing outbreaks of blemishes.

As with any homemade skin care treatments, moisturizers are the most effective when applied to warm, damp skin.

To maximize the absorption of the moisturizer, stimulate the skin cells by lightly tap the skin's surface after applying in an upwards, sweeping circular motion.

Many of the more effective homemade skin care treatments for moisturizing the skin are straightforward and quite simple to make.

In fact, many of the natural oils, which are emollients that can easily penetrate through the skin layers, are the most popular moisturizers.

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Tip: If you have food allergies, keep that in mind when choosing ingredients for your homemade skin care treatment! Quite simply, don't put anything on your face that you can't eat.

Ready to get mixing?

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Skin Care Tip

For the best results, always apply your natural skin care treatments to warm, moist skin.

Then gently tap the surface of the skin to stimulate the cells which will facilitate the absorption of the essential active anti-aging properties of the ingredients  through the skin layers.

Homemade Skin Care 2
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