Vaseline for Dry Skin

by Y.A.

Vaseline for Dry Skin Works!

Vaseline for Dry Skin Works!

Vaseline works great on dry, scaly skin!

If you happen to be unlucky enough to develop that occasional patch of dry scaly skin or eczema; be proactive! Once the telltale signs of dryness begin to develop and you start to feel the beginning tingly itchiness, reach for the Vaseline.

Yes, that's right, plain ‘old Vaseline!

Petroleum based products hold in the skins' natural moisture. Just a little dab on the spot right before bed for a few nights will usually take care of the dry spot and prevent that tell tale patch of eczema from developing into a raging red, itchy, scaly, ugly splotch.

During the day, another trick is to simply use chapstick on the dry spot. Both strategies together will keep your skin looking much better during the winter months when the patches of dry skin seems to become much worse.

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Vaseline Works Great for Dry Skin
by: Leane

Vaseline is actually best to get rid of dry skin issues. The pure petroleum jelly oil helps to retain the moisture under the surface of the skin and will help to make the skin soft and supple. Thank you for sharing this information.

Dry Skin Suggestions...
by: Anonymous

A lot of people find that prescription creams and even OTC medicated creams just don't do anything for them or it's a life time ordeal. People seem to have forgotten that ladies did at one time use Vaseline jelly overnight in order to have nice smooth hands and feet.

    Hands and Feet: Rub down with Vaseline before bed, put on cotton gloves/socks until morning...

    Elbows: Cut the toes off a pair of old tube socks and turn it inside out so the soft side contacts skin (the pills are irritating). After smearing on the Vaseline (not too much but decent coverage or it will go through the sock) stick arm through toe section first, put elbow where heal would be, turn tube section up over to keep in place for the night. This method can also work with the knees if tube is stretched out enough.

I do this before bed for about a whole week every winter or when my elbows get close to cracking that badly.

I've even did my feet and hands as well. You see results almost immediately and it has lasted over a whole season for me before. It is also cheap!

Normally, to me, the Sensitive Skin Vaseline made for babies is the best...and it smells nice too.

I'm doing my elbows tonight with a little extra strength Neosporin under the Vaseline because the cracks are that raw. I wasn't expecting it to happen before Labor Day this year.

Special Note: Wash or replace gloves/tube socks every 2-3 days or they will literally get crusty and stand on their own.

Vaseline for Dry Skin Works!
by: martin

Yeah vaseline works, but it may some cause and effect on skin,
Perhaps you could try oil instead of creams and lotions?

I have dry skin as well, especially around my eyes and my forehead is always a bit flaky. I tried lots of different creams but none of them did a good job.

I now use oil which I buy from the Beautiful Pure skin care product line. I use the wrinkle relief which I mainly use at night, during the day I use a cream with SPF.

For my body I also use the bath & body oils from the same shop, they are really nice and I don't have that dry itchy feeling after a shower.

I think they also do eczema oil, especially for dry and irritated skin so perhaps you could give that one a try.

Also very good for dry patches is unrefined sheabutter.

by: M.W.

This is a great tip and it does work wonders!

If you have a particularly stubborn dry spot or scaly skin patch, I find that putting an antibiotic ointment on it for a few nights if the vaseline just isn't working fast enough does the trick.

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