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Top Beauty Secrets to Avoid Make-up Mistakes that Make You Look Old!

by Marahsha

Top Beauty Secrets for Make-up for Older Women

Top Beauty Secrets for Make-up for Older Women

Top beauty secrets that will help you avoid make-up mistakes that make you look old!

One of the most common makeup mistakes that age you, can come from putting on too much concealer or foundation.
Foundation can look cakey on your skin and it appears unnatural. Check out different concealers that are lighter instead of thick. Then apply it sparingly!

Sometimes, its hard to control mascara from smearing- especially below the eyes or it clumps on the lashes.
Unfortunately, a lot of women do not actually check their mascara before they leave, so they could have some smudges, little black lines, black flakes and/or lashes that are stuck together.
Ladies, you always want to make sure that you are checking every single bit of your make-up before you leave, that way you can make sure that your mascara is in the right place!
If your mascara tends to smear, then try a waterproof mascara. Use a damp Q-Tip to clean up any flakes and blotches. Then a wonderful tip is to use an old mascara wand that you have cleaned to separate any clumps or lashes that are stuck together.

While red lips can look fantastic for most seasons, you want to be careful with which red you are choosing. You don't want to choose a red that is a super bold, blood red or a red that is going to be too dark for your skin tone. It simply doesn't work well for most older women.

With blush and bronzer tricks, it can be super easy for you to actually make your cheeks appear sunk in. This isn't a look that you want ladies! Instead, make sure that you know exactly how to use blush to get a refined sculpted look. You can learn some great techniques by going to a free make-over that is available at most major department stores and specialty beauty stores.

Another common makeup mistake that can age you is plucking your brows too thin and creating that overly arched 'surprised' look. This can actually age you a lot.
Most places that offer eyebrow waxing can help you get a natural looking shape that suits your eyes and face.

The bottom line is that the top beauty secrets for older women and make-up is that subtle is better; soft and natural not harsh and bold. Less is more in the make-up department for mature women. Use make-up sparingly but to your advantage so you will look naturally younger.

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