Tips for Healthy Beautiful Eyes

by Laramosh

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Eyes

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Eyes

These are a few great tips for healthy beautiful eyes. . .

It goes without saying that it is so important to take good care of your eyes so you don't risk infections or even worse!

Here's some basic tips to keep your eyes beautiful and healthy:

  • Throw away eye make-up after three months. Infection causing bacteria grows easily in make-up, especially in creamy or liquid eye makeup.

  • If you develop an eye infection, no matter what you should immediately toss all of your eye makeup.

  • Never, ever share eye makeup.

  • When sampling makeup in stores use only fresh applicators and samples that have not been contaminated by multiple users. (The safest choice is to avoid sotre test samples altogether.)

  • If you tend to be allergic, introduce only one new eye makeup or product at a time. If there is no reaction, add another new product, and so on. If you notice an allergic reaction, find out what the ingredients are and let your doctor know.

  • Avoid products that contain untested or potentially harmful chemicals. Natural ingredients or proven ingredients are best

  • Before applying makeup, be sure your face,
    lashes and eyelids are very clean.

  • Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye, to avoid blocking the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid. These glands secrete oil that protects the eye’s surface.
  • Never apply makeup while in a moving vehicle.

  • Always completely wash off your eye makeup every night.

  • Use a rich eye cream, particularly on the delicate under eye area to keep the skin conditioned.

Although these tips for healthy beautiful eyes seem like common sense, you would be surprised with the problems that can happen when you aren't careful!

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Cool Tips for Beautiful Eyes
by: Claire

Sure we all knew this, but it's always nice to have it reminded and all in one place. Great article!

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Eyes
by: Laura

I am glad to see the tips about healthy eyes. I did not think about caring for my eyes to and didn't know how to care my eyes. But from now I can take care of my eyes so they will be beautiful. Thanks.

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Eyes
by: Puja

Hi, I am Puja.
All of my friends tell me I am a beautiful woman who has beautiful eyes. But I don't have much knowledge about how to keep my eyes healthy and beautiful. I am very much happy to read your tips about it. These tips is very useful for me.

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