Tips for Dark Circles

by Vinella

My Tips for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

My Tips for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

My Tips for Dark Circles and How to Improve your Appearance

I wanted to share my tips for dark circles under eyes which will help make you look better. I have a horrible problem with big dark under eye bags and have found a few different strategies which work to make them look much better.

The first remedy of course is applying ice to reduce the swelling once or twice a day. Next, I use a combination of Vitamin K cream and Arnica Montana which is a natural product to reduce bruising. (You can find this in natural food stores or in a holistic market). I use one in the morning and the other at night. I also use Preparation H a few times throughout the day to help reduce the swelling.

Another strategy that I have found helpful is to use the Baby Quasar photorejuvenation system. It is a LED light that uses infra red and blue spectrum similar to IPL treatments. The Baby Quasar is a home version of a professional laser.

Once I learned that IPL therapy works well to eliminate the darkness, (which is actually blood that collects when little capillaries break), I discovered that there are a few different home lasers. The Baby Quasar uses the LED light therapy which is particularly effective for treating dark circles, (among other skin issues).

I had read on another skin care forum that some people actually use the LED light laser pens instead and have found those to work over time as well. I never tried them because I thought that a more professional laser designed for facial rejuvenation made much more sense than pointing a laser light pen under my eyes.

The final remedy is using concealer to hide whatever traces remain. It has certainly been years in experimenting with a variety of different strategies but this particular combination works the best for me.

I do wish I could make them go away forever but I haven't found anything that is a 100% cure as yet. . .

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