The Single Best Treatment for Wrinkles

by Sophia Tradget

Best Wrinkle Treatments

Best Wrinkle Treatments

Whoever wants to know what the single best treatment for wrinkles is raise your hand. Now put a mirror in your hand. Yes what you see is absolutely true, without a doubt. . . YOU are the single best treatment for wrinkles.

Hi! My name is Sophia. I'm a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist. I have over 20 years experience working in spas and thought that I would share my experience with you.

I'm sure you are wondering why I know that YOU are the single best wrinkle treatment. It is actually quite simple. The key is prevention and a proactive approach to caring for your skin.

I can immediately assess a client's skin care habits by looking at their skin. Those clients that religiously use quality products have much better looking skin that is clearly healthier than those clients who just use the spa facial services as their only strategy to treat their skin concerns.

If you don't believe me, just try this experiment. For one full week do not do anything to your skin or put any products on your skin other than wash it once or twice a day.

At the end of seven days what does your skin look like? It is dry, flaky and dull looking isn't it? It might even feel itchy, feel rough, have broken out with a few blemishes, and developed some small red scaly patches.

To remedy this lack of care give yourself a full spa type facial treatment. By this I mean pull out all your unused home spa equipment; the facial steamer, the microdermabrasion system, scrubs, peels, masks, toners, and moisturizers.

In other words, the works!

Now get started with your facial which at a minimum should include a facial steam, a microdermabrasion treatment, either a peel or mask, toning, and a rich moisturizer.

Now how does your skin look? It's now vibrant, shiny, soft and smooth with a healthy glow, right?

I'm sure you don't have any further doubts now do you? A good daily skin care is the very best, proactive treatment for wrinkles. That means that YOU need to make a commitment to caring for your skin.

The more effort you put into your skin care, the more rewards you will see in the future.

I actually refer my clients to this website along with a few others to learn what is important to look for in their skin care products as well as how to actually develop a routine that will provide them with healthier, younger looking skin.

One of the biggest questions I get is what are the best products to use. It is a very important question and one that makes a big difference in seeing visible results.

At the spa we sell a range of high-end facial products but we recommend specific treatments to our clients based upon their skin types and actual skin
care needs. It is similar to how a Doctor will diagnosis a physical problem then prescribe an appropriate treatment.

I can say that there are many reasons why spas carry the higher-end products which deal with the fact that they are:
  • High quality
  • Powerful
  • Effective

Without a doubt, even though these products cost more than others, what they consistently deliver in treating the skin is well worth the expense.

Make your products last, especially since some of them can be expensive. Most people use way too much product, just a tiny bit is all that is needed to treat the entire face.

We also recommend to our clients who are interested in doing all they can to keep their skin younger looking is to use higher-end, spa quality skin care devises rather than the ones that are commonly found in department stores.

Our two most popular spa devises are the NuFace Toner and Facial Lasers. I personally love the rejuvenating effects of the Baby Quasar and consistently recommend that particular laser to my clients.

I personally think that anyone interested in the appearance of their skin should also have a good quality microdermabrasion scrub or system. The higher the quality and more professional the system/

Now you do know that there is NO miracle cure for wrinkles don't you? Other that the effort that YOU put into your skin care routine of course!

It takes time. . . I tell my clients to give a new product at least 3 months in order to assess the effectiveness but I think a 6 months time frame is much more realistic.

However, I can tell the difference within weeks. With my monthly clients, it becomes obvious within the first month that their skin health and appearance is improving. The changes are very subtle at first but over time they become increasingly more obvious.

The single best treatment for wrinkles is YOU! Go for it! You'll be pleased with the results as will your aesthetician next time you visit for your facial treatment!

I'm happy to answer any questions so feel free to post back. I will check in now and then to answer what I can.

Editor's Note:

What an awesome post Sophia! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us all. Your observations echo the same lessons that we think are critically important in successfully establishing an effective facial rejuvenation regime.

For those that would like to take advantage of Sophia's recommendations we created links for you. Many of the same products that Sophia recommends can be found listed on The Skin Care Resource Center's best skin care products page as well as in the collection of specialty skin care shops so you can easily find the products you want to add to your regimen.

Stock-up and Happy Rejuvenating!

P.S. If you try Sophia's experiment, please come back and share the results with everyone. . .

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Wrinkles Treatment
by: Anonymous

Hey Mate,
This was an excellent post for such a hard subject to speak about. I look forward to seeing many much more excellent posts like this one. Thanks

Best Treatment for Wrinkles
by: D.G.

Each spa facial devise works differently using a different technology. For example, microdermabrasion exfoliates, facial lasers use light therapy and others use microcurrent electrical impulses.

Each devise is used according to the instructions that are sent with the product and can be used at the same time since they are providing entirely different rejuvenating treatments.

For most DIY spa facial treatments there is no down time. (Do be careful with microdermabrasion though, use only as directed because you can go over-board an irritate your skin).

Hope that helps.

Frequency of usage
by: Anonymous

I am 52 yrs old. How often should I treat my face using those 3 gadgets?

Do I use them simultaneously on a weekly or monthly basis?

I am not used to any facial gadget. Would my facial skin handle those treatments simultaneously.

Then how long (in terms of minutes) must one treat one's face using each of those gadgets?

For your information, I am an active golfer.

Do their have any down time?

Is SPF cream fully effective in protecting my face after each treatment?

I am looking forward to your professional reply.

Best Wrinkle Treatment
by: Meg

WOW! That was a lot of wonderful advice. I have started with your recommendations but I have one question.

If you were to choose just one spa treatment as a DIY at home, which one would you recommend as the most beneficial?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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