The Lifestyle Lift Cost Me Plenty

by Marilee

Lifestyle Lift Step #1

Lifestyle Lift Step #1

So what does the lifestyle lift cost you ask?


In most cities the actual procedure costs between $4,000 and $7,000. But that is just money. Granted, it is LOTS of money but the price of keeping young looking doesn't come cheap.

But that isn't all that the lifestyle life costs. The bottom line is that it isn't all what it is reported to be. The results are minimal a best and that is if you get a good Doctor trained specifically on how to perform this mini-face lift procedure.

It's actually a thread that they use what I refer to as a gathering stitch under the skin that they pull it tight and anchor at the ear. Geesh! (Nothing like having a rippled skin effect from jaw to ear that some women have experienced.) Just horrible.


I carefully researched Doctors trained in the procedure and happily made an appointment. I forked over my thousands of dollars only to discover that they performed the wrong lift on me!

I had to wait and go back to have the procedure repeated- this time at no cost except for my time and discomfort.

You would think that the results after having the lifestyle lift done twice within months of each other would have been spectacular. Nope. Barely any results at all except for a weird taut feeling under my skin.

So my recommendation to anyone considering the lifestyle lift is to think twice. There are so many other options available now at a fraction of the cost that you will be much happier with the results that you get rather than forking out w-a-y too much money for a procedure that doesn't do much except empty your pocketbook.

The lifestyle lift cost me plenty, both in terms of expense and in aggravation.

My advice?

Skip it!

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Great Article on Lifestyle Lifts!
by: Lara

Thank you for this article. I have been doing a lot of research on the lifestyle lift but haven't made a decision. I honestly don't even know if any doctors in our area prefer this procedure. It must be gaining popularity b/c Beyonce just paid for her mom Tina to have it done.

Lifestyle Lifts Can be Expensive and Dangerous
by: Anonymous

The sales consultants at Lifestyle Lift get "written up" if they don't sell you at least $7500 worth of procedures. Not a very good deal for a supposed hour of work.

Most of the doctors at Lifestyle Lift are DOs (not even MDs), and with the high expense and high complication rate, it is much better to go to an established Plastic Surgeon. Do a search on Lifestyle Lift complaints.

The Lifestyle Lift Cost to Me
by: Clarese

D*MN right!

The lifestyle lift is more hype than it is an actual worthwhile cosmetic procedure.

Stick with the proven treatments if you are going to spend your money on rejuvenation procedures. A deep chemical peel, IPL laser, FX laser, microdermabrasion, and so on. There are so many other choices that really provide so much better results at a fraction of the cost for a lifestyle lift.

Has anyone had a good experience with this type of mini-face lift that uses a thread to tighten sagging skin?

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