The Galvanic Spa System

by Christi

Before and After Galvanic Spa Treatments

Before and After Galvanic Spa Treatments

The galvanic spa system is one of the best kept secrets of the beauty industry!

As a professional spa technician for over 25 years, I can tell you that a galvanic facial produces incredible results.

The galvanic skin response from the use of galvanic current (which doesn't hurt at all by the way, you actually don't even feel it!) is a scientifically proven fact. The electric current stimulates the cellular structure to promote rejuvenation.

While spa professionals use a specialized caliber galvanic machine, a company called NuSkin has developed a home version of the same technology used by spa professionals.

Do you know how many top celebrities, fashion models, and super stars depend on galvanic treatments to ensure that their skin always looks glowingly young and lovely all the time? The list is amazing and growing longer every day!

While I expect that it may take a few more treatments in order to get similar results from the home version of the galvanic treatment then you would from a professional spa treatment, it is well worth the effort.

In my opinion, because I have seen time and time again that people get such great results, for anyone interested in ensuring that your facial rejuvenation efforts are well spent, be sure to include galvanic treatments in your skin care regimen.

A beauty industry leader just released their review of the top 100 (or so) skin care products and the AgeLoc skin care system formulated by the same company that developed the home version of galvanic spa treatments, the NuSkin Company, topped the list as the #1 rated treatment!

When the NuSkin galvanic spa devise works in concert with the NuSkin anti-aging AgeLoc skin care system, it is one of the few DIY home spa treatments that have proven to be well worth the while the investment in both time and money.

We love it in the spa industry because it gives our clients wonderful results, quickly, easily and painlessly.

I'm glad to have revealed yet another beauty and skin care secret to all of you. . .

Your skin is going to look absolutely fabulous!



P.S. Isn't this a great website?
I refer my clients to it all the time to get answers to anti-aging questions. My hearty thanks.

Thanks for such a great post Christi!

(It's one of my top favorite DIY home spa tools too!)


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