The Derma Roller Skin Needling Devise Makes Your Skin Glow

by Tory

Derma Roller Skin Needling Devise

Derma Roller Skin Needling Devise

Hey, have you tried the Scientia Derma Roller yet? Well, you should! This skin needling devise makes you skin glow.

It's a great anti-aging skin care tool that I saw demonstrated on the Dr. Phil show and was really impressed.

Anyways, I've been using the derma roller skin needling devise for about a month now and am really, really impressed with how great my skin looks. It has reduced my horrible acne outbreaks dramatically and made my skin look velvety smooth. It's so soft and vibrant looking now. The wrinkles and fine lines are starting to get fainter too.

They do say that it takes several months to have your skin get the full benefits from the skin needling and the collagen the devise stimulates to repair skin damage.

The Scientia Derma Roller company also offers a 6 month guarantee if you don't see significant results!

So that's my beauty tip for you all...

The Derma Roller Skin Needling devise is a great- quick and easy- DIY facial rejuvenation treatment!


P.S. Sue, I love the Skinsational News! It's really a wonderful skin care newsletter.

I've learned so much and appreciate your honest presentation of such a wide range of skin care topics. I've even started mixing up some of my own natural skin care treatments to experiment with the skin care recipes you send out each month.


* * *

Editor's Note:

Personally, I love this DIY home spa facial devise!

Time to get rolling!
Psst... Take two :-)


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Does Skin Needling Hurt?
by: Joan

With all those needles, it looks like it would hurt. Does it? Does it make your skin bleed? Are you more apt to get an infection?

To be honest, the Derma Roller looks absolutely barbaric! (And downright scary too...)

Derma Roller and Skin Needling
by: Darcey

Hey Mates!

Do you know that the Derma Roller is a really popular facial rejuvenation devise across the pond here? I don't know why you Americans are so slow to get with it!!

This is an ancient practice that has been updated for use by anyone right at home. And it works GREAT!

I'm almost 60 and have used the Derma Roller or some variation of skin needling for years now. I know that my skin would be looking like a wrinkly old hag by now if I wasn't using my Derma Roller.

I can say, that I like to pinch a penny (if that's your expression) or two and a simple, quick DIY roll is all you need to keep your skin bright and beautiful. Sure beats paying scads of money at a spa that's for sure.

So ladies... get with it! Keep your skin rejuvenating or us ladies across the pond are going to be brilliantly gorgeous in our old age and you all are going to be haggard and wrinkling crones. (Just kidding!)


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