Skin Needling is a Fabulous Anti-Aging Skincare Treatment

by Kate

Skin Needling is a Wonderful Anti-Aging Skincare Treatment

Skin Needling is a Wonderful Anti-Aging Skincare Treatment

Have you tried skin needling? Personally, the thought of having Botox as an anti-aging skin care treatment terrifies me. I'm not convinced about injecting toxins into my body. Then again the signs of age on my face make my heart sink.

The hands of time are not so forgiving on the skin after 30 or there after. Even though I was using a highly concentrated vitamin serum for my face, I could still see the lines getting a little deeper with each passing year.

I read about micro-needling and decided to invest in my skin and buy one.

The results are fabulous!

Skin needling is a roller device that punctures the horny layer of the epidermis with tiny needles to help the penetration of whatever skin product you are using.

The micro-needling device I use does not damage the lower levels of the skin and there's no pain because there are no nerves in the upper epidermis.

The laboratory claims that micro-needling makes the vitamin serum 10000 times more effective than just applying it to the surface of the skin.

Doing the micro-needling along with using Hyaluronic Acid has made a huge difference to my complexion. It's smoother and definitely tighter.

My skin is so much more hydrated this winter than it was last. Before, I would even resort to smearing petroleum jelly on my face when it got very dry. That's not necessary anymore.

Some other benefits are that it softens fine lines, helps reduce scarring and lessens the appearance of pigmentation.

Age is inevitable, but if I can help it, looking my age is not!

Submitted by Kate Detox For Life

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Anti aging Skin care NEW
by: Eden J. Garcia

For aging skin one should go for a skin care treatment using organic and clinically tested products. For more details over such products you can search over the internet for companies offering some beauty products for aging skin. There are many companies which provide such products like, obagi. com and so on.

Anti-Aging Treatment
by: Anonymous

Wow! Thanks for the information! Didn't knew that skin needling had these benefits. I will definitely try this option along with my anti-aging treatments.

Skin Needling Method
by: Stephanie Scott

I wasn't aware of the skin needling method as an anti-aging skincare treatment. If it works as mentioned in article then after how many days/weeks it is needed to repeat? I am also worried about using this treatment for a long period of time because it may cause unknown damage to skin over the long term. Is it safe to use the skin needling technique as a long term rejuvenating skin care treatment?

Micro-Needling Technology
by: EZ

Micro-needling technology is a fast way to take care your skin and lessens the appearance of pigmentation.

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